Ye Mind of Miyamato

By Wraith

Can you remember the day's when link's sword had a hand protector on it? And it wasn't a rapier style? Yes? What happened? Was Miyamoto trying for a cheap Robin Hood rip off when he made the game? I mean, a tunic, sword, bows and arrows, green, what couldn't be that? Or maybe he was going for a Zorro style. No, no horse, but a fine swordsman.
Then came Zelda 2. You couldn't tell what he was going for in that game. That's one of the main reasons that people don't like it. You don't get any new swords, shields, you just improve on what you already have. People like change. NOT. Then why was this game rejected? It just didn't have the same feel as a Zelda game is destined to feel.
No, it wasn't a Robin Hood or a Zorro rip off, Miyamoto created something that wasn't there. He wanted to expand his horizens and create characters of the type that were in Gauntlet. Adventure. The old fantasy heroes that were too often put down to figures such as the Ninja Karate Pizza Eating Space Cats (And the last I hear, there's REALLY a show called that).

Was Miyamoto reaching to a distant plain to grasp this storyline? Or did he think of it in the bathtub? Nobody will know unless he's asked. Where does he get his ideas? Is it that inside of each of us, we want to attain glory like this guy? Or do we just want a topic for an English report? Sooner or later Zelda is going to get old.

Heck, it's as old as I am. And games don't normally last THAT long, excluding Pong64... When will it die? When will the heartache of no more Legend of Zelda occur? When will no more blood of enemies be shed? What if we can't afford a Dolphin!?

Ah, but life is a balance. For every happy person, there is a sad one. Our reflections are probably those Mega Man fans. Mega Man was cool until after three, and then, no offense, it started to blow. You see, Zelda has reached it's peak, and I doubt Miyamoto has any more ideas up his sleve.