A Zelda Movie?

By Maniacal Clown

*NOTE* This isn't really worthy of being called an article. It's just a few paragraphs to tackle the rumors I've been hearing a lot of lately and ask the question, "Would a Zelda movie be any good?" And to basicly make more time to write my up-coming fan-fic.

Recently at a friendly competing site, the issue was once again raised of whether or not a Zelda movie was being produced, and, most of all, whether it would be any good, anyway. The poor folks never did come to a certain conclusion, and I do not doubt the issue will arise again. For now, I would like to say one thing. I cannot confirm or deny the truth in the rumors. They may be making a movie...I just don't know about it. However, I seriously doubt it. Here's why.

First of all, there is the issue of plot. A serious problem with many platform games is that they repeat the same basic plot in every incarnation. In Mario's case it's saving Princess Peach, Stopping Dr. Robotnc in the Sonic games, and in Zelda's case, you always have to save the poor Princess. More often than not, it's saving her from the evil Ganon/Gannon/Ganondorf. (Confusing...) The problem with this is that everyone will know what happens in the movie. There can be virtually no surprises.

Secondly, there's no real way to satisfy the viewers. Everyone will find at least one thing that they feel should have been done differently in order to do the games justice. It can be as big as the actors who portray the characters or as small as the color of a single object. People will get into huge arguments about what should have been done and forget to see the movie all together.

Finally, who would want to see a guy running around in a green dress and white tights? I mean...that's just kinky...

~Maniacal Clown~