How to Write A Fan Fiction

By Belgarath

You may have seen some of my other editorials, and how they mock fun at different personalities. However this one will be a little bit more on the informative side. I am here to tell you how to write a good fan fiction for TGL or any other web site. You may find this method is useful on other circumstances as well.

To start off, you may have seen how my short story, "The Quest of King Zora," has been structured. It has been divided into chapters. This has two great benefits. First, it allows a reader to focus his/her attention on one thing at a time. We all know it can get kind of boring sitting down and reading one entire thing 92 pages long without any divisions of any time. Second, it makes the story easy to write.

To make a reader focus his attention on a chapter, it is necesssary to use vivid words as much as possible. Also, exclamation points help the reader center his attention on a specific statement!!! CAPITAL LETTERS ALSO ARE A GOOD RESOURCE TO USE. Combine these traits, and you will get a VERY attentive reader!!!

Next, by making the story easier to write, I mean that you should have a very basic outline of your story to begin. Personally, I have no idea how I will end my present story. I have been creating my story as I go along. A story is much easier to write if you work at it one section at a time. This is the main reason why I have divided my present story into sections.

Another thing every story should contain is elements of realism. Every story you ever write should not be so consumed in fantasy, or the story will be tremendously difficult to understand. An excellent example of this is the volume of books written by David Eddings. His "Belgariad", from which my name for this web site is derived, is an excellent five volume series. It follows up with the "Mallorean", another excellent 5 volume series. If you have any further questions about this, feel free to email me about them. The email address is listed below. Anyway, realism is an essential part of every story.

Finally, I believe the most important part of a short story is surprise. If you have read my story, you have definitely noticed this. Every chapter written should contain a climactic moment, each event getting more exciting until the last chapter, when you resolve. Or, you also have the option of a cliffhanger ending. In my opinion these are the best. I am thinking of ending my story like that, but I am not sure.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Zelda Stories for Dummies by Belgarath (just kidding). Actually I hope that many of you now submit some excellent works of literature to my site and others. Please use this editorial as you wish.

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