Zelda 64: Not Possible??

By Justin

First off let me say that I love this game and have loved the series for 12 years , and in no way am I trashing it, now then......

Something has come to my attention recently and I would like to share my theory with you all. Well its like this, we all know at the end of the game, link is sent back to his time so he can live those years he would have lost otherwise. Well here is the thing; if he was sent back to his time, it means he would only go through the whole thing over again, because he is back in his childhood, he may have defeated Gannon, but it wasn't the Gannon of his time, it was the Gannon of the future, so while he may have saved that time period, nothing has changed in his own, simply because although you can infact alter the course of the future by doing something a little differently in the past, but you cannot alter the course of the past regardless of what you do in the future.

Lets say I break my window, then I go back seven years, the window is not broken, but it will happen seven years from now. So you see even though Gannon was killed in the future, he is still there in Link's time, but he will die one day at the hands of Link. When Link goes back to his own time, it is before he killed Gannon, seven years before, so how could Gannon be dead just because he will kill him one day in the future? The Gannon of his time (Gannondorf) is a whole different existence than the one in the future that Link kills, therefore there is no possible way that anything done in the future could have an effect on the past, no matter how minute, because its just not logical.

Now let's take a look at what could happen after the game, Link would start out on his quest again, the same way as before, and do the entire thing over, BUT on the way he would come in contact with his other self, which would cause a paradox that could trigger one of four things:

1. The universe would combust do to having two existences with the same DNA at the same time, in the same dimension, that would be too much for it to handle, a chain reaction would take place, destroying everything, therefore resetting its code. If that happened, Gannon would never be killed (not by Link anyway), and Hyrule would be no more.

2. Link would instantly die of shock, due to the overwhelming experience of seeing himself, therefore Gannon would live and have his way.

3. If Link saw himself and survived, he would probably be in shock for awhile, in which case he wouldn't make it to see Zelda being carried away in time, causing him to never obtain the Ocarina of time, which would instantly create an alternate world in which Gannon reigned supreme.

4. The universe would create an infinite loop, in which all other activity seems to cease, and forever copy the same pattern and time frame where Link's quest took place. Link would save Hyrule, go back, do it again, go back, etc etc etc etc, and each time he did this, he would create a copy of his existence.

All of the above show evidence that the game couldn't have ever happened, because it conflicts the principles of time. Now once again, let me state that I LOVE this game, as well as the entire zelda series. Thanks for your time. By: Justin

Staff Comments:

Stalfos333: Link is brought back to the time before he met Zelda, where he turned and walked away rather than recieved his quest. Erego, he couldn't open up the doorway to the Sacred Realm. Thus Zelda 64..never....happened. I'm glad that people still think about these things, anyway. Good thinking.

Crysaler: Temperal Anomalies are very hard to understand, but are very intriguing to me. Why just last night I saw a Star Trek Voyager episode that once featured, a future self of one person in the past. It ended with four of the same person in the Brig. But there is one other option besides what you state in your editorial.

Re-Integration. It could be possible that two Links, in the same place, after a period of time together, could re-integrate into one person, one Link. Whether that one person will have thoughts of only one or both, is unknown. I believe that this theory (Or the everlasting loop) will most likely take place in this situation.