My Problem with Gaming in the 90's

By LifeStream

Throughout the many years of gaming, systems have undergone massive changes...from 16 bit all the way to 128 bits.... Now were even using CD Roms and hard drives (In DreamCast). Well whats my problem with video games u might ask? Well basically video games have become more of a object of financial fortune then anything else.

It all started with Nintendo. Back then it was the remarkable system that was considered high quality graphics (It says something like that on the back of the box). Everything was nice and calm....people would by Nintendo games for there main source of fun and entertainment.

As time went on Nintendo started rivaling Sega Genesis (Back when they had great games) with the New Super NES. Which of course could not compare because Super NES had better graphics all together. This was sort of the golden ago of gaming....Genesis and Super Nintendo shared the gaming industry...with 3rd party marketers creating games for BOTH systems. For years things were great for a long time.....Nintendo even learned to make use of the SNES to its fullest.

Then comes along Sony. Bragging about the brand new 32 bit system that was going to rock the gaming world. And quite did. It was an awesome system and the first one system that actually made GOOD use of a CD ROM Drive. Now Genesis and Nintendo created new Systems called Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64. Nintendo 64 topped the charts selling millions over Saturn and Sony. For a while it looked like Nintendo was leading the market. But Nintendo had one major fault, A bad marketing decision that greatly effected the outcome of the raging game wars.....Nintendo 64 was cartridge...a BIG Mistake. Although games were higher quality they ever too short....and to expensive to create. Now SquareSoft decided to leave Nintendo and go with Sony. Many other companies followed leaving Nintendo with major financial problems... Playstation was poping out about 15 games a month and Nintendo barely managed 2!!!

Now Sony has only been in the gaming market for about...3 to 4 years and now there poping out a new system along with Sega and Nintendo

This is what makes me extremely mad. Neither of the leading companies ( Sony & Ninendo) have fully made use of there Systems why the *****are they making new systems? I don't understand it, And what ever happened to sharing companies instead of making them signing contracts basically pledging there loyalty to only them. Its sickening. The whole gaming world is turning into a gambling ring. They make new systems and make them cost a lot, If they don't succeed they just forget the old one that people spend there money on and make a new one. Its no longer about making quality games ( Although there are a few games out there.) Its about who can lead the market and get famous the fastest.

And some of you might be saying. Hey LifeStreams wrong...there not going to forget PSX and N64...well lets see.....what happened to SNES? There... my point has been proven.

The gaming industry is being so rushed that they don't have enough time to get some good games out there. N64 has more quality games then PSX in my opinion. But Nintendo has more talent then PSX (sorry PSX fans)....fortunately PSX has acceptional marketing talents and throw in a few FF7 games of course =).

Wel,l all I'm trying to say is that Nintendo and Sony should slow down and make a truce form this ongoing war of gaming. I mean, how many fricken bits do you need to make a good game...64 or 32 is good enough! They need to sit down and start taking there time in creating good games and expanding the capabilities of what they already have. They think its more of a game....if they mess up they can just delete the old system and create a new one. I bet is Sony and Nintendo would just get over this system battle and started taking time that they could really make some awesome things with what they already have.

Staff Comments:

Stalfos333: I understand what you are saying. You also answered yourself about why the new systems were needed. "N64 has more quality games then PSX in my opinion". This quote is what made Sony build a new system. Since gamers disliked the low quality games, Sony thought that a better system would mean better games.
Slightly flawed thinking, but you can understand where they were coming from (now is not a good time to bring up the Dreamcast.) They have solved nothing, if they still manage the system like the Playstation, they will now have two systems with hundreds of games...which no one will buy. And two games people will buy...

Unfortunately, Nintendo must keep up or they too are building a new system. Given time, I'm sure they would rather milk the N64 for all it's worth, but Sony never gave them a choice.(Still isn't a good time for the Dreamcast)

The two main gaming companies(I refuse to talk about Dreamcast, yet...) are constantly speeding ahead in technology. Problem is, they forgot the fans. Sometimes they slow down for us, if only to steal our wallets, and give us a few minutes to bask in the radiant glow of their exciting new product.

Drat, no time to talk about the Dreamcast...

Ice: We all need to remember, the systems can stay alive as long as the companies want them to. With the rate that technology is developing, it's believable that so many new pieces of hardware are being developed. Think of where we would be at if no one ever took a step up from Atari.