By Cruiser

In that editoral by what's-his-name, and in all the replies to it on the message board, I saw comments that nintedo was going to fall to PSX and Dreamcast.

Ok, first let's talk Dreamcast...
1. The Controlled is bigger then the frikken system,. I mean come on!
2. The Grafix suck... they look like 16 bit, from shots I've seen.
3. Sega never did and never will have as good games as Nintendo, bottem line.
4. Sega's been long dead.
5. In responce to "The hog sells", don't make me laugh... every Zelda and/or Mario game has beaten any Sonic game.
6. And last, Sega is releasing their new system during the hight of PS and N64's popularity, so they're doomed.
So, sega sucks... they're not a threat to N64 right now.

Let's talk PSX...
I, for one, like PSX. I have both N64 and PSX. Thus, I get the best of both worlds. Now we could sit here and argue the good and bad points of both systems... but why? The best thing to do is get both. Actually PSX and N64 are nearly even right now. PSX has a slight advantage because they're part of a bigger company. They have more money behind them for ad's, etc.

I'd say N64's far from dead... It doesn't need any landmark games to stay alive. New Zelda's and Mario's are far off... but I'd say Nintendo will last.

Since I'm here lets talk Zelda 64, shall we?...

Honestly Zelda doesn't live up to my expections. Sure, the first time around I though it was the best game ever made. But I soon realized it had VERY LITTLE replay value. In other words, after you've done it all once... it isn't fun anymore. Now a lot of you are going to bi*ch at me for saying that... but it's true and it needs to be said. Truth be told... Zelda wasn't carrying Nintendo... maybe Zelda sites, but not Nintendo.

Well thats my editorial... feel free to resopond to it.

Staff Comments:

Steve Dixon: "What's his name" here. I agree about the PSX, but really, the DC looks great! And need I remind you that the N64 was released during the PSX and Saturn's peak?

Ice: Cruiser makes a few good points here. As does Dixon. But we all need to remember, the systems can stay alive as long as the companies want them to. With the rate that technology is developing, it's believable that so many new pieces of hardware are being developed. Think of where we would be at if no one ever took a step up from Atari.