A New Name fo IZC?

By Steve Dixon

A new name for IZC? That sounds sacrilegious! Let me back up. All of the staff has been under a great deal of stress the last month. When Ice left, Navie and JMK had to take over the site. I myself run a small site, so I know how big of a headache running a massive place like the Central must be. Magisuth helped, but due to his obligations with 5th.net, he can't do too much. Even with all of his Webmaster/Administrator duties, he managed to find time to develop the new look. What amazes me, is the fact that he's taking flack for it! 5th.net is a huge chunk of web space, so he has a handful just keeping everything working! By working on the Central, he compromises a LOT of valuable time that he could be using to work on 5th.net, therefore losing money. JMK and Navie work their butts off trying to keep everything in order, and really don't have the time to do the reconstruction, so Magisuth is doing us all a big favor. Then people start harassing him! Ice's look was IZC. I will miss it. But times change. If the people bugging Magisuth about the updates would rather see the old style, good for them. I, for one, am happy to see the site being updated while Ice is gone! Which brings me back to my original point. If we change the name of the Central, we throw away everything Ice did for us. I haven't been here long. In fact, I doubt that Navie and JMK even consider me staff, but I want Ice's Zelda Central to stay Ice's Zelda Central. Ice gave me a break. He hired a inexperienced writer who didn't even own Z64 simply because he saw potential. I owe him a lot for that. If Ice were to come by the board tomorrow and say that he hates the site and wouldn't work on it again if we paid him (Yeah, like ~that~ could happen!), it should STILL be called IZC. Each and every one of us who has ever submitted an editorial, drawn some fan art, written a letter or posted on the message board owe Ice a whole heck of a lot more than anyone here wants to admit. Especially me. When Ice gets back, I have a feeling that a lot of the naggers, complainers and gripers will be awfully quiet, and Ice WILL be back. The least we can do is try to get along while he's gone.