Why Zelda 64DD Will be better than Zelda 64

By Rich Ellis

Many of you are pondering why is Nintendo releasing the sixth episode of ZeldaDD on the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive (N64DD)  when they could just make it on the Nintendo 64, like Zelda 64.  And another thing you don't want to do is buy a 64DD because you think its just a way that Nintendo can get other developers to make games for the system because of the cheaper price of the disks.  This however it not true at all!  The whole reason behind the N64DD is to create a read and write system.  With magnetic disks companies can use them for action, sports, RPG's, and plenty of other kinds of games  to make a more realistic game.  For example, if you kill an enemy or a ally at the beginning of a game the N64DD will be able to write that to the disk and therefore that enemy you killed with never return, which could be good or bad towards the plot of you game.  Another thing that the N64DD has is a internal clock.  With this feature the N64DD will be able to make games with a real-time day and night feature.  Unlike the games like Quest and Zelda 64, which have Sunrises and Sunsets on a predefined path like say 20 minutes of Day and 20 minutes for night,  the games on the N64DD will be able to take the clock and determine what time of day when your playing the game and therefore put it into the game's memory.  For example: After you finishing eating lunch at noon, you go and plug in your ZeldaDD game and turn it on.  When you begin you find that it is also noon in the game to.  Then you get tired and quit for awhile and get back in the evening and then you see that the sun is setting in the land of Hyrule.  That obviously adds a very special thing to a game.  So with a read, write, and clock feature ZeldaDD is a most definite game to get when it comes out around the christmas of 1999.  And for those of you that are worrying about weather the N64DD will come out or not don't worry why would Nintendo leave and good sytem that can do all that in Japan.  So those things that you read on other web sites about it not coming out is just a way to take up some space on there page.