Out of all the Villages/Towns in all the Zelda games, which Village/Town is your favorite and why?

Raquel says: I like the beauty of Zora's Domain and the weather in Gerudo Valley. I would spend my time between both :)

Chaz says: Gerudo Valley, for sure. Where else can you find a whole tribe of hot women who haven't seen a man in 100 years?!

Zed says: Call me mysterious and old school, but I like the hidden town of Kasuto.

Zelda Barrow says: Great Bay is nice: it reminds me of the beach in St. Ives (England). Without the dive-bombing seagulls, though.

Dinker says: This is a tough question. My all time favorite would have to be Clock Town, for several reasons. Itís a vibrant and lively area.

The town has its yearly Carnival of Time and itís always fun to see the different types of masks the people wear. Some places of interest is hanging out at the Stock Pot Inn and the Mayorís Place. You can eavesdrop and take pictures.

The night life is particularly exciting. You can watch dances on the street and even dance along with them. You can act as the ďMidnightĒ police by helping an elderly from thieves. Also, you can wait until the Milk Bar opens and drink to your heartís content and also talk to the other patrons.

Thatís all I remember of the town when I played the game when it first came out.

Nodnarb says: Kokiri Village. It reminds me of when I was younger, running through the woods, wanting to live in a small village of my design amongst children and adults who were still so young at heart that they became children once more, living in total harmony and seclusion from the troubles of the world outside the forest.

Andy says: I would live in Hyrule castle with princess Zelda. I would be the gardner in the courtyard

Final says: I would hide out in the deepest, darkest dungeon I could find. Is that the most unique answer?

Kokiri Girl says: kokiri forest

Andrew says: This may sound strange, but the cave near the desert in Link to the Past would be an ideal home. Not only is it safe and secluded, but it's the best part of the LTTP map and near Lake Hylia. For some reason I've always liked the southern part of the Light World.

Steven says: I would live in the lost Sky Temple and rule Hyrule.