What's your favorite boss in Ocarina of Time?

Andrew says: Phantom Ganon. The lighting was cool and it was a terrifying feeling when I saw the fake one turn back, because I knew that the real one would blast me soon.

Starseeker says: Bongo Bongo, because I thought he was the most unique. The Shadow Temple is the best temple.

Vyctori says: My favorite boss would have to be Twinrova. After all the hype, they were surprisingly easy but fun. I liked that they didn't take an hour to beat (like Morpha), and I enjoyed the funny cinema at the end.

Shimmerlight says: Volvagia was the hardest. I was scared to get close to it because I thought it would eat me :-) I know I'm a retard.

Anderson says: the boss of the water temple was cool, but the boss of the spirit temple took me forever because i kept z-targeting. but i choose water temple boss

ConkersNuts says: Ganondorf.

Pegaswiss says: My vote goes to the Twinrova sisters because they had several cinemas which developed their character and they were around in both time periods.

Ice says: I don't really have a vote. I guess I'd say Twinrova maybe.

3 votes for Twinrova, and 1 for a bunch of others. I was really surprised that Ganondorf/Ganon only got one vote.