Hyrule Symphony

The Hyrule Symphony album is a collection of Zelda music (mostly Ocarina of Time) played by a string quartet. It was released after Zelda 5.

While many Zelda fans went gaga over it, I personally would have preferred a more unique set of arrangements. Most of the songs are just played straight through by the quartet, with very little in the way of originality or uniqueness added to them. Overall, it's fairly bland.

The high point for me is the medley at the end, that combines several themes in a more interesting way.

01 Title
02 Kokiri Forest
03 Hyrule Field
04 Hyrule Castle
05 LonLon Ranch
06 Kakariko Village
07 Death Mountain
08 Zora's Domain
09 Gerudo Valley
10 Ganondorf
11 Princess Zelda
12 Ocarina Medley
13 Zelda Medley