A Link to the Past MIDI Files


Intro 1
Nice, but it feels like it was cut short.

Intro 2
Slightly redone.

Intro 3
Just the beginning musical sequence.

Intro 4
The full intro story.

Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle 1
The Castle theme really blew a lot of people away when they started Zelda 3.

Hyrule Castle 2
A more reserved, creepy version.

Hyrule Castle 3
Similar to the one above, but with an interesting lead instrument.


Overworld 1
This was IZC's theme song in it's first few months of life. It takes the original overworld theme and adds a few very nice twists.

Overworld 2
A guitar version with a more pronounced harmony.

Overworld 3
The stereo is a little off-putting at first but this is a nice version.


The very nice and unique Sanctuary song. This is one of my favorites in the game. I used to start at the Sanctuary all the time just to hear this mesmerizing piece.

Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village 1
Very nice.

Kakariko Village 2
Even nicer. More of a modern rock feel to it.


Cave 1
Very accurate.

Fairy Theme

Fairy 1
One of the prettiest Zelda songs/

Fairy 2
A bit different. This one has some piano.

Lost Woods

Lost Woods 1
Zelda 3 probably had the best music out of the entire series, and the Lost Woods theme is just another trophy to add to the rack.

Lost Woods 2
Electric guitar.

Lost Woods 3
Weird chimey stuff.

Dark World

Dark World 1
A really thick and full version of the Dark World.

Dark World 2
Some cool lead instruments here.

Dark World 3
This one's a powerhouse.

Dark World 4
A pretty accurate version.

Dark World 5
This one sounds more like a real orchestra.

Dark World 6
Sci-fi, stereo, and strong bass. What more could you ask for?!

Dark World 7
All electric guitar in here!

Dungeon A

Dungeon A 1
A really mesmerizing piece of music.

Dungeon A 2
You thought the first one was gonna give you nightmares? Take a load of THIS.

Dungeon A 3
Had enough yet? Didn't think so. Check out these organs.

Dungeon B

Dungeon B 1
A strong piece of music

Game House

Game House
Very accurate and well-done.

Ganon Intro

Ganon Intro
He's here ....


Triforce 1
A very beautiful and emotion-filled song.

Triforce 2
A guitar-oriented one.


Ending 1
A beautifully orchestrated piece. I couldn't have done it better myself.

Ending 2
Piano and organ for your victory lap.

Ending 3
A shorter version.

Ending 4
You need the right soundcard to hear this one the way it was meant to be heard.


Credits 1
The Credits theme is how the Overworld theme was intended to sound in a string orchestra.

Credits 2
This one is definitely... unique. Sounds REALLY terrible on most sound cards.

Credits 3
Ah... much better.

Credits 4
Another great version. Guitar-based.


Flute 1
The flute melody.