Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link MIDI Files


Intro 1
The Zelda 2 Intro is one of the best Zelda pieces ever made. It's also one of the least heard ones.

Intro 2
Really sci-fi sounding. The sci-fi remixes were really popular years ago.

Intro 3
This song was made for the stereo treatment, but why on earth did I use that bass sound?


Overworld 1
Not all that much to this file, but it brings out the classic melody well.

Overworld 2
The sci-fi version of this classic song.

Overworld 3
Slow and with stereo. It's easy to hear all the parts of the song this way.

Overworld 4
Another slow version.

Overworld 5
By JILost. Good percussion, a nice sounds.

Overworld 6
By JILost. Just like the above file, except this version uses slightly louder percussion, and horns instead of the ethereal sounds.

Cave Theme

Cave Theme 1
This file doesn't seem to work on every computer ...

Cave Theme 2
A cool sci-fi version.

Cave Theme 3
Stereo... and... "Chimey."


Town 1
By Jeffery M. Colletti. The quiet and peaceful Town theme.

Town 2
Cool piano bass.

Town 3
Sci-fi and stereo. What more could you ask for? This one is a lot more mellowed out than the others.

Town 4
Jeffery M. Colletti (arranged by JILost) Cool electric piano thingy, and some flute.


By Jeffery M. Colletti. The very full-sounding house theme.

Palace Theme

Palace Theme 1
Everyone loves the Zelda 2 temple song.

Palace Theme 2
The sci-fi version.

Palace Theme 3
With an electric guitar.

Palace Theme 4
Another sci-fi rendition, only with a lot of wide stereo stuff.

Palace Theme 5
Jeremy (MIDIeval) Gilbert The person that sequenced this one decided to go with a more orchestrated approach. Very nice.

Palace Theme 6
Not bad! Gotta love the piano.

Palace Theme 7
By Jeffery M. Colletti (arranged by JILost). A nice rock mix.

Palace Theme 8
By JILost. A modified version of Temple 7.

Boss Theme

Boss 1
The Boss Theme. Not much to this piano version, but it gets straight to the point quite nicely!

Boss 2
A fairly simple version of the Boss Theme with a unique bass track.

Final Palace

Final Palace 1
The Last Temple in Zelda 2... positively the best song in the game. Fully orchestrated and ready for your ears!

Final Palace 2
Even fuller and more orchestrated than the last.

Final Palace 3
We have some electric guitar in here and a few different background themes.

Final Palace 4
The sci-fi approach again.

Final Palace 5
Another remix using the orchestrated approach.

Final Palace 6
By Johan Fall. Really cool bass.


By Fredrik Klingwall. The melody that plays when Princess Zelda is awakened. A simple but effective version played with the horns and flute.


Credits 1
By JILost. A nice version of the Ending Credits.

Credits 2
By JILost. A more heroic version of the above file.


Flute 1
Similar to the original.

Flute 2
By Bob the Ghost. All flute here.

Flute 3
By Jax Mandrake. A bit fast, but otherwise this one is the closest to the original.