June 18th, 2003

Today, I field a couple of real questions, and then it's on to what seems to be the latest hot topic. Drefan Raul.

Hey Andy, you haven't e-mailed me in awhile. Don't you have something to say about this? What kind of a site idiot ARE you?

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SmilinJack writes: Someone told me that young Link and Ganondorf are playable characters in Smash Bros. How do you get them?

Ice replies: That's true, they are. I'm not exactly sure how I got Young Link ... I got him in 1st player mode. I beat the game with Adult Link and Zelda, but that didn't unlock him ... but after I beat the game with a few more people, it did. So I think you beat the game with Link and Zelda, and like five or eight other characters. I'm told you can also unlock him by playing 500 verses matches.

To unlock Ganondorf, you must complete event 27 (maybe it's 29 ...). I'm told you can also unlock him by playing 800 verses matches.

Candyman writes: Nice site. I have two questions for the Zelda sages. Has the Wind Waker soundtrack been made yet? Are there any other Zelda soundtracks out there?

Ice replies: As far as I know, there has been no Wind Waker soundtrack yet. I think that's pretty strange ... the soundtrack is usually released right around the same time as the game. In fact, it's almost always released BEFORE the game. So I dunno, Candyman. As for the other soundtracks, you must not have explored the site very well, because we have an entire section devoted to them. I'll let you hone your Zelda skills and search the site by yourself.

ohnoimgoingtodieeeee writes: Four words: Drefan Rahl is GOD.

Ice replies: I'm not so sure about that. We'll let the readers decide. Readers like Andrea ...

Andrea writes: That letter by Drefan Rahl made me sooo MAD! I have a few things to say to him!

Staring into the sky is not "homosexual" or "pathetic". There is something wrong with you if you think so! The sky is beautiful, and you need to learn to love nature!

There is something wrong with you if you want a blow job from an elf princess. What's wrong, you can't find any real girls?

Why are you talking about "big breasts" and "nice asses" on a Zelda site? Zelda is a kids game. Go play Tomb Raider!

I have a lot more to say, I'm just too mad to say it!

Ice replies: Thanks for your input, Andrea. I figured that "Imperial Master Drefan Rahl" was going to turn a few heads =)

>Bob writes: 'So, what I guess I'm trying to say is: Ice, which do you prefer in a woman, big breasts or a nice ass? And no, you can't say "both".'

You didn't answer the question. What's wrong, do you like men better?

Ice replies: Heheh ... not at all. I like women A LOT ... way too much for my own good ... I just don't think it's very polite to deal with a question like that.

Ice: Drefan Raul really riled some of you up. And strangely, his letter was about what Link and Zelda would sound like, but no one commented on that. Ah well.

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