May 22nd, 2003

Here it is, the third and final edition of letters dedicated to SWIMSUIT ZELDA. Personally, I'll be glad to put this whole thing behind us. We'll move on to some other twisted topic, I suppose.

Do you realize that this is the fifth edition of letters that I've published in one week's time? Yeah ... kinda hard to believe ... in the big long history of all of my website making, I don't think I've ever put out five whole editions in a seven-day time frame. It's a new record ...

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Sean writes: Do you know what would be funny? Get a picture of some fat chick in a bikini and say that it's swimsuit Zelda.

Ice replies: Dang Sean, you read my mind. I was thinking about doing that earlier this week, and if I had a fat chic on my computer I would've done it. I used to have one ... someone sent it to me as a joke. I guess I deleted it.

Chaz adds: Not before you printed off a giant copy to place next to you while you sleep.

Ice replies: Ha ha ... funny ...

Go screw the Deku Tree.

Chaz adds: Sure Ice. I would, but he's still a little sore from last night.

Ice replies: I'm bet you're still trying to get the splinters out ...

Andy writes: if you dont stop making fun of me on your page ill come and kill you

Ice is scared: Oh nooooooooooo ............

Chaz is scared, too: I'll sleep with one eye open tonight.

Ice replies: The Deku Tree likes it like that.

Chaz is confused: Sleeping with one eye open? That doesn't make sense...

Anders writes: I stopped by Ice's SwimsuitZelda Central this morning and saw my letter on your page. I would just like to thank you for printing my letter, and for giving me such a brilliant reply! I'm so sorry I called you a loser! Anyone who can sit at home and talk about Zelda in her baily for three months with a bunch of horny altar server boys is a really swell guy, IMHO!

Give it up Chilly. Your site sucks. Your site has always sucked. Go back to drawing Zelda cartoon porn.

Oh, and Chaz agrees with me? Ice is a loser he says? Thanks for your support, you little prick. I think "Chaz" is just a stupid way to say "Spaz".

Ice replies: Well if it isn't a nice, warm letter from one of my favorite old-time fans. I'm sorry that you don't like the site Anders, but I'm not forcing you to come here, read the site's material, and then e-mail me multiple times.

Chaz babbles: "swimsuit zelda GIMMY GIMMY GIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Angel writes: I agree with Vyctori! I agree with Vyctori! Swimsuit Zelda is infringing on our civil rights. It's destroying everything that women have fought for! Other games are much worse, though! Games like Tomb Raider make me sick!

Great job on the site. Keep it up!

Ice replies: Steve Dixon touched on Tomb Raider in the last edition of letters, actually.

Thanks for voicing your opinion. I'm glad Vyctori has some supporters.

BobGT83 writes: now that their done with celda, are they making the realistic zelda?

i hope it has her in a bikini LOL

Ice replies: Heheh, yeah, lots of people hope it has her in a bikini. And now, there hasn't been word on the development of a realistic Zelda yet ... but if there is, I'll let you know.

Chaz adds: I think they'll still with the "Celda" look for awhile.

Ice: Well, that's the last you'll hear of swimsuit Zelda for quite awhile my friends. But don't dispair ... I'm sure we'll find new things to talk about. The fun never stops here at Zelda Spirit.

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