May 21st, 2003

Day two of our final three days of swimsuit Zelda has begun. Overall, this is going to be a nice edition. We get to hear from Steve Dixon, who's been off the active staff roll for awhile and won't return until probably July or so. We also get to hear from other some other people who have written us in the recent past.

Only one more swimsuit Zelda edition left. Write us now.

Steve Dixon writes: This is in response to Vyctori's letter.

I feel that this is a very one sided view of gender roles in video games. How many girls have written angry letters about Link being depicted as a tall, attractive man with a muscular physique? None? But as soon as someone mentions Zelda or Malon being attractive, woah, what a sexist pig he must be.

As recently as the 1900's, women who showed their legs were considered of lacking moral fibre. Over the past century, a woman's body has come to be viewed as a thing of incredible beauty, moreso than ever in history. Only now, instead of being horrible for only caring about what a woman did around the house, us men are horrible for only caring what a woman looks like. Both of these claims are equally false, and were just as false a century ago.

Another claim I wish to touch on - a more general one - that many women make in regards to video games is that women are depicted as nothing more than a sexy avatar for the gamer. Let's take the most infamous example, Lara Croft. Consider the cover of any Tomb Raider box for a moment. There's little question that Lara is sexy, but there's also little question who those guns belong to. Lara, the favorite target of feminist agenda groups, takes on obstacles that would put Indiana Jones to shame, and does it without any help. That has every bit as much to do with her sex appeal as her physical appearance.

Sure, the kid who's been writing people asking for revealing pictures of Princess Zelda is probably just some curious/horny 12 year old male. So if anything, people's beef should be with the art designers who chose to make her physically attrative, not the confused young man who acknowledges that she is.

Amazing how people can over react to something as trivial as Zelda in a swimsuit.

Ice replies: I think Dixon's letter pretty much speaks for itself. It was nice to receive a well-written reply to Vyctori's well-written letter.

Link Æwondåslåmon writes: I must say that I completely agree with Andrea and Vyctori about 'swimmsuit Zelda'. By the way, it's impossible. Hyrule is a middle-age land, and swimmsuits weren't made up at that time.

Ice replies: You're probably right about that. The Wind Waker took place in a world full of water, and I didn't see a single person in a bathing suit, so I doubt Zelda ever wore one. I'm sure the little boys who want a picture of her don't really care about that, though ...

Steven writes: I REALLY think you should Andy-proof the site(or stop printing his e-mails) Swimsuit Zelda is NOT right. Frankly, people like that disgust me. Andy should stop sending annoying e-mails and grow up.

Ice replies: Yeah, Andy's an idiot, and he's annoying. I find his letters amusing though, and some of the visitors do, too. He'll make a pretty good site idiot. He'll never be as good as Drizzt was ... Drizzt was IZC's site idiot (yes Anders, I just bolded IZC out of respect for MYSELF, mwahahahah!). Andy, try being a little more creative with your stupidity.

Papaseeta writes: I've been following the Swimsuit Zelda fiasco quite closely, and I don't see what the big deal is about. "linkgannon64" shouldn't waste his time requesting pictures of Zelda when there are games like that DOA Beach Volleyball (or whatever it's called). The girls on that game are far hotter than our dear Princess Zelda.

One more thing. I've been wondering, did "linkgannon64" want pictures of Adult Zelda, or Kid Zelda? Makes you wonder.

Ice replies: That's a good question ... did he want big Zelda or little Zelda? If he wanted little Zelda, well ... that's a whole 'nother ballgame!

Jerrycat writes: ur updates died, then exploded again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice replies: Good to see you again Jerrycat. I was afraid you'd exploded.

Ice: This edition was kinda thrown together at the last minute ... sorry.

I don't want to talk about swimsuit Zelda. So, changing the topic a little bit, I'm listening right now to four Zelda songs I recorded in the studio yesterday. They're all piano. They sound pretty nice ... I guess the question is, are you guys interesting in hearing stuff like that? Let me know.

Have a good week.

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