March 31st, 2003

We've been getting tons of responses to previous editions ... keep 'em coming! A lot of people seem to be worrying about Chaz and his relationship with the Deku Tree. And rightfully so ...

Keep 'em coming my friends. E-mail us here.

Sahasrahla writes: I'm glad to see the new Zelda Spirit coming along. I miss the message board/interactive part of it (unless there's a new one I haven't found =) Sounds like something I'd do... ), but it's looking really good.

I got ahold of a Nintendo Power earlier today. Wind Waker is looking interesting. I'll always be partial to 2D graphics, tho.

Good luck with the new site. Hopefully I'll pop by often.

Ice replies: No, there's not a new message board as of right now, and there probably isn't going to be one. In the past, it's just resulted in wasteful posts and flame wars. I prefer the controlled environment of the Letters page.

Wind Waker definitely does look interesting. And actually, I'll always be partial to 2d graphics myself ... that's just the type of games I grew up with I guess.

I recognize you ... you've been hanging around the site pretty much since we opened last summer. Thanks for sticking with us for so long.

Chaz adds: I like 2D games too. Give me SMB3 over all this 3D stuff any day.

Corey writes: When are you updating Zelda Ice Central again? Oh and I added your link to MY website ^_^

(Why did Chaz screw the Deku Tree? He is scaring the heck out of me!)

Ice replies: Ice's Zelda Central has been laid to rest ... it probably won't be revived again. This is it's official successor. Thanks for adding a link ... where is your website? I wouldn't mind checking it out sometime.

Chaz adds: Okay, this Deku Tree stuff has gone far enough. I did NOT screw the Deku Tree. I'm gonna bust a cap in the next person who says something about me screwing the Deku Tree.

President Ice quotes: "I did not have sexual relations with Monic- I mean the Great Deku Tree."

Ice writes: Your website is the best website in the entire world! And the webmaster is so cool!

Ice replies: Thanks, man!

Chaz thinks: Wait a second ...

Bill Klufkee writes: Today I got my copy of Wind Waker. I was not at all opposed to the cel-shading technique that Nintendo decided to with but for all those that have not picked up the game for that reason alone I must say, 'Play the game for more than 14.7 seconds and you will never again think about the graphics'. Shigeru Miyamoto stated in an interview that he wanted to make the game 'realistic'. He then went on to explain that he went with the cel-shading technology because it allowed the realism that comes from perfect charater/invironment interaction. I must say that although I have only gotten 40 minutes with the game, (I had to goto work and that's where I am now,) I was very pleased with what I saw. If Mr. Miyamoto was aiming for an interactive world that felt 'real', then he acheived his goals. As most people were, I was annoyed by the constant delays in production. I feel however, that all of that simply melts away when you are overcome with the shear emotion that is invoked by Wind Waker. The work you guys do on your site is great. I haven't been a visitor for long, but talk to me again in a few months and I can tell you how many times I've stopped by your site! Again, thanks for the great zelda page.

Ice replies: Great letter, Bill. It's good to see that some people are appreciating Wind Waker for the great game that it is. I'm glad you enjoy the site, and thanks for continuing to visit.

Chaz thinks: It's cool that people are enjoying the new game. I guess it's not a kids game after all.

Andy writes: i agree with cj. zelda sucks. i hate it.

Ice replies: I know you do Andy. That's why you've written me like 5 letters.

Chaz thinks: Good job Andy. Way to make yourself look smart.

Ice: Well, the wait for Wind Waker has come and gone. Now all you happy children are running home from school, turning on your Game Cube, and playing your little hearts out. What do you think of the game?

I've gotten a couple "i hate zelda" letters. Looks like CJ started a revolution. And frankly, it's a revolution I just don't understand. If you kids are gonna copy someone's stupid antics on the Letters page, at least copy something that makes sense. Even that poor kid who wanted "swimsuit zelda" ... his request made sense. I mean, it's kinda twisted, but it's natural I suppose. Don't copy something as stupid as coming to a Zelda website and saying you hate Zelda. Especially if you're someone like Andy and tell me how much you like it in one letter, then hate it in the next. Either he's bipolar or has multiple personalities or whatever, or he's just a loser.

Don't be a loser. Send me something good. And for all you "swimsuit zelda" people out there, make sure it's something you wouldn't mind letting your mother read.

Have a something to say? E-mail the editor at sillychillyman@myself.com. We'll probably print your letter. We'll print anything.