March 22nd, 2003

We've begun receiving many letters relating to the past two editions. That's a good thing ... there's been some controversial stuff in there. Especially the news about Chaz screwing the Deku Tree. Remember, if you have anything to say about anything that goes on in here, e-mail us at sillychillyman@myself.com and talk to us about it. We love hearing from you.

Zed is back this week. I barely got this edition done on time guys. If there are any html mistakes or whatever, don't gripe. I'm tired. I had a lot of work today. Since this edition contains a few Wind Waker questions, I must put up a warning:


Have fun kids.

Several people ask: When does Zelda come out in my area?

Ice replies: You know, that really depends on a lot of things. The US release date is pretty much March 24th. Different cities and different stores will be getting it a few days sooner or a few days later. I've heard of people already getting the US version, and I've heard of people who have to wait until the 26th or the 28th. It all just depends. Don't worry though, if you preordered, you'll definitely get it very soon.

Zed gloats: You could have it right now if you would have imported it from Japan like I did.

Chaz adds: But those of us who like to know what's going on in our game will get it this week.

the undood writes: listen here because i'm a redeed and i'll suck your bludd! ha ha ha! ok so is the new cart gold like the others or not? i want a gold zelda!

Ice replies: That's a good question. And yes, the US version of the Wind Waker disk is is gold ... I remember seeing a picture of it somewhere. Good thought undood.

Zed adds: It's gold. All of the new Zelda games have been gold.

Ice refutes: Actually, the two Oracle games for Game Boy Color weren't gold. And don't tell me that those don't count, because those are awesome games.

Andy writes: my name is andy and i have a question for ice. is ganon in the game? i looked at screens and i saw someone who looked just like ganon. also is the princess zelda there? i hope so because it wouldn't be a zelda game without zelda. ok thanks and keep up the good work. i visit every day.

Zed answers: Yes, Ganon is in the game. In fact, you fight many different versions of Ganon as bosses, like in Ocarina of Time.

Ice replies: The Princess is there too. And you're right, without Zelda, it can hardly be called "Zelda". Thanks for visiting everyday ... we like fans who do that. =)

Terri writes: Hi, this is the first time I've written but I've been coming here for a couple weeks. I have an opinion on the new Link. I think he's really cute! Will they make Link dolls and stuff? I want one SO BAD. My birthday is coming up and I need to tell my parents where to get one. Thanks!

Ice replies: I'm sure there will be tons of Zelda merchandise. The best place to look is Nintendo.com and Zelda.com. If I'm not mistaken, they've already released four different versions of a Link doll ... one with each color from the Four Swords game.

I don't know if I want to let Chaz have a Link doll after what he did to the Deku Tree.

Chaz: Ha... ha... ha... very funny Ice... ha... ha...

Zed is uncomfortable: That is disturbing.

James Rittenbaum writes: i was at a friends house and he had zelda ww but it was weird and the words were all screwed up

i dont want the game if its going to be like that

Ice replies: Since I got this e-mail several days ago, I'd say it's a safe bet that your friend was playing the Japanese version.

Zed replies: Lots of people imported it. I know I did.

Ice adds: Yes Zed, you did.

I believe he might also be referring to the graphical style of the game when he says it was "weird". Yes, the game looks like that. Try to look past it and enjoy the game for what it is.

Well to be honest with you, this edition was boring. Come back in a few days and we'll have a much better one for you. At least no one screwed the Deku Tree today.

Chaz thinks: Speak for yourself...

Note: Chaz didn't really write the above sentence. Ice assumed that's what he was thinking. Ice is usually right.

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Dixon: And we mean, ANYTHING. We let Chaz talk about his midnight encounter with the Deku Tree, didn't we?