Letters: V3 #007

June 2nd, 2010

Tinkerbell writes: Raquel, what do you think of Mario Galaxy 2?

Raquel replies: Wow, something addressed to me!

I love it! I'm in the sixth world but I haven't beat it yet. There just aren't enough hours in the day! I woke up thinking about it yesterday and cancelled a morning meeting just so I could stay home and play it, so I must like it!

The levels are very imaginative. How do they think of some of these things? The new cloud suit is really cool, but I could live without the rock suit (even though it should be my favorite, given my name!)

It's a great game :)

Ice adds: What I've seen of it looks pretty impressive. I know some people are complaining that there aren't enough new elements to the game, but that's the POINT ... it's a Mario Galaxy sequel, and it's cool just to get new levels and whatnot. I'm thankful Nintendo made the sequel and it looks like a great platformer.

Tammi writes: I know this is a Zelda site, but any news on the new Kirby game?

Ice answers: For the Wii? No, not really. Kirby fans, who should be used to being frustrated (remember Kirby's Air Ride? Game took about 8 years to come out) by now ... this game has been in development since the Game Cube and what we've seen of it looked pretty cool. I suppose there's a chance that we'll hear something, with stuff like Punch Out being dragged out and Kirby appearing in his company's Smash Brothers franchise ... out of respect for any Kirby's Cloud followers that might be here, I'm sure I'll let you know if something major develops.

Raquel replies: Kirby sucks! ...air :)

JerrBerr writes: i haven't been keeping up. did we ever find out who the sword girl is?

Ice answers: You mean the girl in the teaser poster? Nah ... we don't know anything yet. The most common theories are that she's a human version of the Master Sword, she's the Great Fairy, she's Midna, etc. Hopefully we'll learn a little more this summer.

Raquel replies: I hope Zelda has a better storyline than Mario Galaxy 2.

Ice answers: Neither series needs much in the way of story if you ask me ... just give me a little exposition and send me on my way.

Amanda writes: what, no zelda refrences in smg2?

Ice answers: Not that I've seen or heard of. But how many Zelda references were in the first Super Mario Galaxy?

Raquel replies: None yet!

? writes: Ice is da bomb. I loved the Easter contest! When is the next one?

Ice answers: The next Easter contest? Probably 4th of July ...

Raquel replies: The easter contest was an eggcelent idea!

Ice answers: Thanks! It was just something I thought of last-minute ... but it came together fast and the prize was fun to make. Are you one of the 5 that got one?