Letters: V3 #006

May 21st, 2010

Luke writes: when is the new zelda coming out?

Ice answers: I get a lot of this one. The truth is that we're not sure ... "officially" it should be out before the end of the year but we'll have to wait and see, honestly. Zelda games have a habit of being delayed.

Chaz replies: I wouldn't be surprised if Zelda Wii will be the big-ticket holiday item for Nintendo. But like Ice said, the Zelda series is known for its delays.

Sandy writes: I've been a visitor for a long time, but I haven't written in years. To be truthful I haven't been into Zelda very much, or even games in general since high school. On a lark, I pulled out my Legend of Zelda for Game Boy Advance (the original NES LoZ) and played it. Before I knew it, I was facing Ganon. I played through the next three games over a few weeks. I can't believe the memories it brought back.

To get to the point, I really like the older games, and in particular the top-down perspective. I know that technology has given way to 3D and that 3D provides a more immersive experience, but there's a certain mystery to the top-down perspective. I want to get that feeling again.

Thank you for keeping the site up all these years. It's an essential part of the Zelda experience.

Ice answers: Thank you for your awesome letter, Sandy. I know just the feeling you describe, but I'm not sure if you can attribute all of it to the top-down perspective. There are a lot of elements ... the lack of story, detail, the simplicity of the whole thing, not to mention the fine nostalgic memories ... and all of these contribute to that feeling.

Obviously, the older games are much better than the newer ones in some areas. But if it's simply the overhead perspective you're missing, grab a Nintendo DS and get the Wind Waker sequels on that system. Something tells me that those might not be what you're looking for, though.

You might want to try Wind Waker, for Gamecube/Wii though, really ... it took me awhile to realize it but it has the heart and soul of Link to the Past and even the first game. Give it a try ...

I also have a certain amount of optimism for the next Zelda game ... they keep saying they're making it simpler ... back to the basics ... etc. We'll see.

A writes: What do you think the difficulty of the new Zelda is going to be like? remember when you were just dropped into the middle of a field? or running around in the rain without even a sword? Remember when you didn't know what to do?

Ice answers: I don't remember EVER not knowing what to do!

Chaz replies: Ice's ego is as big as Hyrule.

Ice nods: But I understand what you're talking about, "A." I think we may end up with a pretty difficult game this time around ... and by difficult I don't mean tedious, which is what Twilight Princess was to me. I mean a bit more difficult. Have you played New Super Mario Bros. Wii? They really upped the difficulty on that one. I doubt we'll get something AS DIFFICULT because this Zelda is going to be a big title for them and it still needs to be accessible.

Chaz adds: Maybe pick up Super Mario Galaxy 2 this weekend. That might be a good indicator of Zelda Wii's difficulty.

Tinkerbell writes: What are the chances of having a main baddie other than Ganon/Ganondorf in the next Zelda?

Ice answers: That's a tough one ... especially since we don't know anything about the game other than it's more of a "back to the basics" and yet still somewhat of a "paradigm shift" in the series. Regardless, the chances of having Ganon's involvement is pretty high, even if he's not the main guy. We might end up with someone similar to him instead. Hard to say at this point ...

Chaz replies: Most Zelda console games have Ganon, and the handhelds don't. We'll see if they stick to the rule.

Joe Kurr writes: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?

Ice answers: Hmm ... ask Robin here.

Chaz replies: Why am I always Robin?