Letters: V3 #005

March 30th, 2010

Molly writes: The Forest Temple remix you posted is great! For whatever reason I was expecting the melody from the Deku Tree, though. I guess I got my temples confused.

It's nice to see you return to making some music. Will your music be in MP3 format only from now on? I miss the midis... I'm an old Windows user!

Chaz replies: I agree Molly, that was a pretty sinister Forest Temple mix.

Raquel adds: Ice did a great job, as always! (I love the violin!)

Ice answers: Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm glad Zed isn't in this edition, or he'd be blasting her for being a Windows user ...

I still plan on doing MIDI files, since I love the format. It may be awhile before I do though, because I've got three or four more MP3 mixes that just need to be dumped from my console.

Thanks for writing!

A writes: Zelda for Wii is confirmed for 2010? How come you don't have anything about it on your site?

Ice replies: There's just not much to say right now. A confirmation year from Nintendo isn't exactly NEWS, given their history =)

Chaz: Are you saying Nintendo has missed release dates?!?!?!

_zelda writes: any wurd on if zelda wii will be at e3?

Ice replies: I'm sure we'll be seeing something on it soon. From various chatter I've heard, it's possible that they may be taking the series in a slightly different direction (like they did with Wind Waker, for instance), so they may not want to tip their hand too early and have angry fans sitting around for months hating something they haven't played yet. I guess we'll find out as May/June gets closer.

Raquel replies: Forget Zelda Wii! :) I want to see Mario Galaxy 2! I love Mario Galaxy.

Chaz ponders: Hey, didn't you two used to have a Mario website?

Kelly writes: Is Zelda Radio returning? I was a loyal listener and I need closure!

Are you going to do something with the Zelda Radio site?

Ice answers: To be honest, Zelda Radio hasn't been given much consideration lately. I've got a couple smaller projects for IZC, then a really big one, and THEN I'll be considering Zelda Radio. So just hold off a little while longer on closure ... we'll get there.

Raquel says: Oh, Ice, you should DEFINITELY bring back Zelda Radio! I'll be the hostess with the mostest!

Chaz laughs: LOL, I'm picturing Bobby Hill saying that.

Talc writes: I would just like to raise some Zelda Wii questions:

Where will it fit in the timeline?

Which Link and Zelda will it feature? All new ones?

Will Zelda finally be playable?

How will it make use of the Wii Motion Plus? With swords?

My theory is that this game will be more oriented to battles...

Ice: Those are some great questions, and it's really hard to know the answers for sure. The problem about speculation at this point is that there's little more than a teaser image to go by.

Raquel says: I think a game where ZELDA is the main character is long overdue.

Chaz: Wouldn't it be cool if your Mii was the main character?

Raquel says: Yes! My Mii has gold hair.