Letters: V3 #001

December 28th, 2009

Romulus writes: hi ice, it's nice to see ur site making a comeback. i kno there's not a lot to talk about but i see the words changing on the front page. i like how it says something different everytime i load it.

Ice replies: I like that you like that. I work very hard on that, sitting at my computer literally all day, changing the text every single time somebody reloads the page. Luckily I can type over 100 words per minute, but even I can't be fast enough sometimes ... so don't hit the reload button too quickly, ok? Give me a chance to catch up.

Nebula replies: I think "Romulus" is a real strong-sounding name! If I ever need a body guard I'll know who to call.

Ice shakes his head: You? A bodyguard? For those who don't know, Nebula is a Judo master! There are times I need protection from her!

Miki writes: I'm glad you're bringing the site back.. just wanted to make a request to bring the Fan & Features, Library and Music pages back as soon as possible pleeeeeeease! I used to love checking out your site when I was a youngun (it's got to have been seven or eight years now), so I was psyched to find an update so recent!

Keep up the awesomeness! I'm glad to see it back.

Ice replies: Hmm, Fan, Features, Library, Music ... yup, I'll admit, you pretty much can't have an IZC without those sorts of things. Tell you what Miki, since you asked so nicely, I think I'll start getting stuff ready to put back up.

Nebula replies: What section are you going to start with, Ice?

Ice replies: Why, probably Music, of course!

Nebula replies: Sound's good :)

pickminnose writes: i dont get it. whose magiusth?

Ice replies: Magisuth was a good friend of the site in the late 1990's. Does anyone remember the dark black and blue design, with the neon buttons? That was Magisuth!

Nebula replies: And that design was stolen from us over a dozen times :)

Jerry writes: cool site. i like the christmas song.

where's the cheapest place to get spirit tracks?

Ice replies: That's a tough question ... depends on if you're shopping online or in stores. Seasonally, this is a great time to be getting the new game because of all the sales going on.

I would look up your local game stores (like GameStop), and also give Target and Toys 'r Us a call. They'll be able to tell you over the phone how much it costs. Check out Ebay.com too. If you're under 13 get one of your parents to help you.

Also ... thanks for listening to the christmas mix I put up. I didn't have a lot of time to do it, so it's not very polished ... but isn't it the thought that counts?

Nebula replies: Sometimes :)

Patty writes: What a pleasant and wonderful surprise. The button for Ice's Zelda Central suddenly started working today on the Gerudo Language page, and I could hardly contain myself as I moved to click it. It's a Christmas miracle: Ice's Zelda Central is reborn.

I missed the last few versions of your website (I've been away for a few years), but I read about it on forums. I hope everything from the past and more will be on your website soon.

I look forward to what you have in store, Ice...

Ice replies: Several nice letters like this one have come in recently. I just wanted to take a little time here to thank all of you for your kind words and for spending time at the site. Aside from an unnatural love for the old Zelda games, the only reason I have this site is to connect with people like the ones who appeared in today's Letters edition. Thank you all.