Letters: Volume 2, Number 12

March 23rd, 2006

My mailbox needs a good cleaning out! Unfortunately, one edition of letters isn't enough to do it ... so that means there'll be more headed your way!

We have some good questions today. I think the article about dating in Hyrule has gotten people thinking about the other activites Hylians do, such as eating and building.

Enjoy the letters!

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Yarley writes: what sort of stuff do the people of hyrule eat? you hardly ever see them eating!

Ice replies: Well, we know what Gorons eat. Aside from that, I think the people of Hyrule probably eat food from different meat and vegetable sources. It's interesting that you don't see them eat more often though!

Steve replies: Well, considering there's a huge ranch full of dairy cows and chickens just yards away from Hyrule Castle, I'd be willing to hazard a guess as to a typical Hyrulian diet.

StacGal writes: Even after all these years, Ocarina of Time is still my favorite game. Hyrule Castle is huge!

How many rupees do you think it took to build that castle?

Ice replies: Probably millions. That's a lot of bush-whacking ... more bush-whacking than a Democratic convention ...

Steve replies: Let's not talk about whacking any bushes from now on, if Nichols or Nebula were here, I can only IMAGINE the filth they'd be saying about the very notion.

Frank writes: I'll be honest with you, I want a good multiplayer Zelda. I'm tired of being alone in the world of Hyrule.

There are a lot of great puzzles that could be pulled off in a multiplayer format.

I want two-player cooperative play. Maybe even a separate multiplayer quest. That way Zelda can be a party game, almost like Mario Kart with objectives.

Thanks for reading. Go Jets!

Ice replies: You're not alone in wanting a multiplayer Zelda. Fans have been wanting one for years. They're not satisfied yet by the recent multiplayer Zelda offerings.

We'll see what direction Nintendo goes in (although we already have a hunch as to what the answer is) ... go Jets ...

Steve replies: Yeah, how about those Jets... won the big game back in, what... '69? That was what... 37 years ago? Ah yeah, they're great.

Angela writes: Any chance that Zelda will be a playable character in TTP?

Ice replies: There's always a chance Zelda will be a playable character in Twilight Princess. But you get to control a wolf now. Is a wolf cooler than Zelda?

Steve replies: Who wants to be a princess when you can be a wolf? A wolf can pounce on rocks and stuff.