Letters: Volume 2, Number 10

February 22nd, 2006

It's been a tough week, Zelda fans! I've so much work and school, it's incredible. Not only that, but the weather has been horrible, which has slowed my ability to get from place to place.

Not to keep complaining, Zelda fans, but I've also had computer troubles out the wazoo! Many of you have noticed that I've dropped off the face of the earth as far as updates, forums posts, and AIM goes ... well, that's why!

And to make matters worse, our server was acting up today.

But here I am, faithful as ever, hammering out a Letters edition. This one is long overdue!


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Dan writes: If your article (or even Hylian Sage's) is right, then Ganon is practically immortal. How is Link supposed to fight someone like that? No matter how many times Link kills him, Ganon will keep coming back. And Ganon only needs to kill Link ONE TIME, and it's over.

How do you fight a menace like that?

Ice replies: That's a good thought, and its one of the things that keeps Link's struggle with Ganon so interesting. Its such an uphill battle ... you have a small boy (or a teenager at most), fighting against one of the world's most powerful wizards. Sometimes Ganon is several times Link's size.

Interestingly enough, the Zelda comics had a story that dealt with this exact same issue. One of the characters was bummed because Ganon was so powerful, and Link kept beating him, but all it would take was for Ganon to win once, and the land would fall into peril.

Thanks for writing in. Good thoughts!

Anna writes: i know that most of the new revolution games are being kept under wraps, but wee know that there is a super smash bros game coming out on it. how many zelda characters are being included?

i really love your site, i visit everyday!

please write back.

Ice replies: We don't have a confirmed character list for the Smash Bros. game that's being developed for the Revolution. I'm sure one will surface eventually, but even then, we can count on some secret characters!

I think it's safe to assume that Zelda characters will turn out in force. I wouldn't be surprised if some Twilight Princess characters made the cut, especially TP-style Link.

There were several Zelda characters and themes in the last Smash Bros. installment, so expect plenty more!

Good question!

Jean writes: how does link run aaround all day without sleeping or going to the bathroom?

Ice replies: Now, now ... we don't know what Link is actually doing when he's swimming around in Lake Hylia ...

Seriously though, there are parts of Zelda that just aren't realistic. In Majora's Mask, young Link goes three days straight without sleeping. But then again, it seems like many other characters do, as well. The two jugglers, for instance, play cards almost all night, and joke around all day.

In other Zelda games, you can make Link run around for as long as you want.

I suppose that you can explain it like this ... the fairies and hearts are able to "comfort your weariness". They heal your body completely, from wounds, to being tired, etc.

That's the best explanation I can come up with, without just saying "it's a video game".


Ice replies: I'm glad I got this in time! I was just about to press the big red "delete forums" button on my devious IZC control panel.

I don't think it would've worked, the dog has chewn through the wires anyway ...

That's our letters section for today. Thanks everyone who wrote in, and I'll have a new edition for you soon!