Letters: Volume 2, Number 8

February 8th, 2006

In today's letters edition, we have more long-time visitors show up. We also have some questions about music, and things that used to be included in the old Ice's Zelda Central.

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Sandy writes: Ice, you'd better get me a potion or something, because I am DRYINHG!

Ice replies: Haha, I had a feeling we'd be hearing a bit more on the subject of DRYINHG!

Does anyone remember the eyetat boy? Or any of the the other famous mispellings/typos?

DRYINHG! was certainly funny ... thanks for bringing it up again, heheh.

Brainchild writes: Hail Maestro! King of the musics!

The new Zelda 3 MIDI files are tops, but what you should do until the rest of them are done is upload the ones that you took down.

Can I make a request? (I'm getting all giddy inside! WOA!)

FAIRY THEME! You killed it with the MP3 (I listen to it daily). Let's hear some of that famous Ice MIDI MAGIC!

Ice replies: Almost without fail, every time I create or upload some new music, Brainchild sends his comments ... comments that are certainly much-appreciated!

Sure, there's nothing wrong with making requests. Usually, I'm able to fill them ... especially if you've been a great supporter of the site like Brainchild has.

Plus, the fairy theme is a logical one to do next, since I'm on Zelda 3 ...

Request granted! Look for it tomorrow!

HylianSage writes: I've gone through the site with a fine-toothed comb, and I've noticed that SCNWO's artwork is missing...

Are there any plans to bring it back?

P.s. - I've been having a blast looking at this new version of an old favorite!

Ice replies: When IZC relaunched with the black background and yellow text in 1999, we realized that we'd either have to change SCNWO's awesome artwork in order for it to be featured on the site in the way it had been previously, or stick it away in Official IZC Art ...

We decided to make "remixed" versions of his drawings, and those were featured at the Central for a time.

However, even though the spirit and focus of the new IZC is the same as the old one, most of the artwork and content is not. SCNWO's Zelda artwork will be featured on the site in some form or fashion in the future, but we have not chosen among our options as to how it's going to be featured here ...

Thanks for remembering those awesome drawings though ... SC was very talented.

Emily writes: what happened to the encyclopedia?

Ice replies: We have a lot of old-time fans that visit the Central, it looks like!

The Encyclopedia that was part of the old IZC will not be part of the new IZC. We're currently looking for a good home for it ...

It's neat to have so many long-time visitors. That's the best part about running this place ...

See you next time. Same Ice time, same Ice channel ...