Letters: Volume 2, Number 7

February 4th, 2006

Welcome to the first letters edition for February, 2006! This is our second full month in operation, and we're hoping that it's going to be a special one.

It's quite special already ... today we have Gin, from the now-defunct website Avatar Dreams (one of the greatest community sites of all time!), here with us today, answering letters with me!

Give her a warm welcome ... and enjoy the letters!

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HylianSage writes: Welcome back Ice!

I used to visit a long time ago. Your site was the second Zelda site I ever went to, and it held a special warm spot right on my heart. I remember when the site was completely white, and then when it had that Triforce/Sword background, and when it changed to black. I was there through the whole Ice is dead scare (let me tell you how relieved I was when I found out it was just a rumor that another site had started!)

I was really sad when your site closed down.... there weren't any good alternatives to IZC. Your site was the best... no one else even came close! (they still don't...)

Word got out that you were back, and I can't tell you how much it means to me to see this site running again. You're already the best again, IMHO. The letters and the music are what I always came to IZC for (MC and Steve's weekly editorials were nice, as well), and now there are all kinds of other new things for us to do. The special features are a major trip down memory lane...

Glad to see you back Ice. It's been far too long.

Long live the motherlode...

Ice replies: Thank you for your very kind words. Getting letters from longtime fans is the best part of this job. I'm glad that even a month and a half later, people are still running across this little Central and being happy about its return.

Thanks for writing in, and I want to hear more from you in the future!

Gin replies: IZC has always been a really neat site. A few years ago, when Ice gave me a behind the scenes tour, my jaw dropped when I saw how many hits and e-mails the site got. IZC is the site that showed me the potential of fan communities, and convinced me to get involved in Avatar Dreams.

I'm glad IZC is back too, Hylian Sage! Ice is very cool and very nice. It's good that he's come back to the fans and friends that he's been away from for the past four years!

Sammy writes: i have a very important question for the zelda experts at izc. i was playing zelda, and i started to notice that link sure carries around a lot of items that a normal person wouldn't be able to carry. how does he carry so many bombs and arrows? and when he brings them out, it looks like he brings them out from thin air!

please tell me how he carries so many things because it's really hurting my head.

Ice replies: That question has baffled us for 20 years ... the Zelda cartoon actually devised an explanation for this. In their take on the Legend, Link and Zelda are able to shrink items down very small, and then enlarge them when they are needed. Perhaps that's how it's done?

Gin adds: If I had the power to shrink and enlarge things, I'd be rich!

Sammy, I think we just have to attribute your problem to "Nintendo magic". There's no good explanation for it, so try to ignore it!

Why don't we ever see Link sleep? Or go to the bathroom? Or eat? Why doesn't he talk? Why don't some people recognize him when he grows up? Why are bosses that Link kills still alive the next time he goes into a dungeon? Why do enemies come back when you leave a room?

Ice replies: Fans have been crying for realism, and Nintendo has even pushed for it a couple times, but Zelda just isn't a realistic game. You can clip through walls, you can come back to life, you can become a Deku Scrub ... I'd like to see more of a return to the fantasy side of things, not realistic romps through fake-looking scenery.

That's alright kids, my e-mail address is above, feel free to flame me.

Dan writes: The fortune teller is really cool! He gave me a free mp3!

Ice replies: Wow, isn't that something? The fortune teller has been giving things away! Dan must've gotten the special piano version of the Zelda 3 credits theme. Surprises like that have been giving people more reason to get their fortune told!

Gin replies: The Fortune Teller told me I'd find true love...

Helga writes: you need a heart piece faq because i am DRYINHG!

Gin is shocked: DRYINHG! That certainly sounds horrible! Ice, do something!

Ice replies: IZC certainly isn't a strategy-oriented website. We specialize in fandom ...

The Zelda games are built to where anyone can complete them if they invest enough time and energy. People who listen to music, eat, and watch TV while they play may not be able to find everything ... immerse yourself in the game!

Good luck finding everything ...

Well folks, that'll do it for today ... I'd like to thank Gin for taking time out of this morning to join us on the Letters page ... it means a lot! It's good to be working with her again.

Gin: It's great to be working with you again, Ice! I've missed this sort of thing. Call on me anytime!