Letters: Volume 2, Number 6

January 31st, 2006

Another letters edition! Since last time, IZC has been outfitted with ALL NEW music from those great Zelda games that started it all ...

Comments have been overwhelmingly positive so far, so keep listening, and keep writing!

And don't forget to e-mail me at sillychillyman@myself.com. to be in the next Letters edition.

Tommy writes: Great site, love to visit. I really like the font on the top of the pages.

My question is about TP: Is the TP release date still April 3rd?


Ice replies: Unfortunately, the release date for Twilight Princess is sort of in the air right now ... we're not sure when it's going to be released. We'll let you know when we find out on the main page.

There was a lot of speculation earlier that April 3rd would indeed be the release date, and we can still hope for it, but nothing is set in stone (except my remix, HA!)

Steve replies: A lot of journalists close to Nintendo are joking that it'll be a launch title for the Revolution one way or another. It would actually make a twisted sort of sense to drop the Rev and Twilight Princess on the same day.

Juliet replies: No sense in guessing or speculating right now so unfortunately you'll have to wait in anticipation. That makes it all the more exciting though!

House writes: when i first visited your site, it was the music that was strangely missing. i thought to myself, icz without the music? now there's a thought!

wasting no time, you brought it back with all varieties of new music.

i can only hope that the ocarina of time section will be online shortly..... make haste! hahahah

ps: no more submissions? ***?

Ice replies: We apologize for launching without the music section ... most of what we were doing was being done over from scratch, and I was leaning toward doing a completely new music section as well. I decided to launch it with the old material, but that proved to be a hassle, so I went with my original plan of having all new music.

Some of the themes have gotten quite a makeover! The A few people have sent in their favorites, which I appreciate.

As far as submissions go, we are not currently accepting MIDI remix submissions. We may again in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

And you're not the first to ask for the Ocarina of Time section ... Zelda 3 is next on the list though. It has a great soundtrack, give it a play sometime if you haven't =)

Steve adds: I asked the fortune teller when the OoT soundtrack would go up, he said "After the Link's Awakening music", and then something about tears reminding the dry tongue of sweat. Crazy guy.

Juliet replies: IZC will never be without its infamous music, thats for sure! You could say save the best till last although that's open to debate that OoT has the best soundtrack :-)

Angela writes: That has to be the coolest mix of the Last Temple (Zelda 2) theme that I've ever heard in my life. I need it in MP3 so I can listen in my car.

I came across your site by chance, and I'm glad I did. You're very talented! Please continue to share your gift with us.

One last thing, was there ever a Zelda 2 soundtrack released by Nintendo like the Sound and Drama one? With the tracks played by other instruments... I'd love to hear it.

Thanks! Keep up the music!

Ice replies: Well thanks for your kind comments! I'm glad you liked the Last Temple Theme.

MP3 remixes of various themes will be popping up as the site grows ... keep your eyes and ears open.

As far as I know, there was no official soundtrack released by Nintendo that featured orchestrated Zelda 2 music, though Nintendo Power did recently run a cd that had actual tracks from the game.

An orchestrated Zelda 2 cd sure would be something though!

Juliet replies: I love the music from Zelda II too - definitely some classics in there, the final palace is totally amazing!

greg05 writes: that cave theme on the adventure of link page is the **** man.......your page is the COOLEST. really man....i like it a lot. i come here every day.

how much longer till the new game!!!!

Ice replies: I'm glad you like the Zelda 2 music ... thanks for writing. And as I stated above, we just don't know for sure when The Twilight Princess is coming! Wish we did ... I'd certainly pass that info on to you.

Juliet replies: It's great to hear the site's getting loyal visitors, hopefully all the great features should keep you entertained until TP's release :-)

Ice: And that about wraps it up ... hope you enjoyed reading. Keep sending in your letters using the form on the letters page ...