Letters: Volume 2, Number 5

January 28th, 2006

It's music to my ears ... the MIDIs are coming back online! It's been an extra-special week here at Ice's Zelda Central.

We've been hearing requests for the Zelda MIDI section to come online ever since we came back a month ago ... I kept you folks waiting long enough! They're back, and it's generated a lot of buzz at the site.

And don't forget to e-mail me at sillychillyman@myself.com. to be in the next Letters edition.

Brainchild writes: Brilliant Stone Tower remix Maestro!


Do the Windmill next. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Ice replies: Steve's just taken a stab at the Windmill, which you can find online in MIDI format, but I suppose you want a full-blown MP3 remix =)

Don't worry man, I'll get to all of them in time. Trust me, there's going to be a lot more to listen to on IZC ...

Rachel writes: your new mp3s are great. i think you should convert all of you're midis over to mp3, because nobody really listens to midis anymore (at least i don't ^.~), but everyone has windows media player or realplayer. i did listen to you're new midi and it was great but you should make it an mp3 too!

Ice replies: I realize that with the high quality MP3's offer, and with the increasing availability of high speed internet, MP3's have gotten very popular. MIDI's are still a great way to listen to songs for many people, and we love making them, and many other people do too, so there will be plenty more online for you to listen to.

However, as we've shown, we love MP3's too. There are going to be plenty of each on IZC, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Thanks for your letter, and thanks for listening!

Steve Dixon adds: A lot of us are partial to the MIDI format because it's a more traditional way of creating music. While various MP3 software suites get some amazing sounds these days, northing really beats the feeling of sitting down with an empty page of sheet music and actually composing a song note by note. That's a very special feeling.

Spartan writes: I love the MIDIs so far. When are the OoT MIDIs coming back online? That section was my favorite. I used to spend hours there...

Ice replies: We'll get to them. I'm redoing the little text blurbs that go with each file, and taking time to listen to each one, so give me time. Do know that I can't wait to get them all online any more than some of you can!

Teo Silas writes: Thank you Ice! Seeing the MIDI section online really made my day. It was so awesome to be able to hear some of those files again... I haven't heard a couple of them in almost ten years! You made and old fan's day.

Ice replies: Teo ... I think I remember you man! Wow, great to have a fan come back! You were commenting on my work even before IZC!

Great to see you!

I really love when stuff like this happens ... makes the whole reason for coming back just that much more apparent and meaningful. Teo, thanks for your letter, it was great to hear from you.

And thank you everyone for your comments on my music section. We've been working hard at getting those back online, and we appreciate everyone's patience!

Stay cool ...