Letters: Volume 2, Number 3

January 11th, 2006

Last week, a fellow named HylianSage wrote in requesting more people to join me on the letters page. Well, I rushed right out and brought to you the one and only Steve Dixon! Give him a warm welcome.

Just for fun, share with me your favorite Steve Dixon/IZC memories with me for the next few letters editions. E-mail me at sillychillyman@myself.com.

Ang_45_house writes: I try to visit your site every night. It's good to see some of the old sites coming back.

I'm not real clear on the new release date for Twilight Princess. Any inside info?

The font on the Letters is too big. I'll report any dead links if I find any.

Steve replies: The current release date on Twilight Princess is -- mark your calendars -- 4/3/06. There was wild speculation (thanks in no small part to European game magazines) that the release date was pushed back to finish tweaking the game for compatibility with the Nintendo Revolution controller, but according to Nintendo, this is hogwash. The delay was the result of Nintendo trying to dodge a busy Holiday release season, but naturally they claim it was for "polish".

Ice adds: 4/03/06 will be here sooner than we think. Until then, I'll be searching for whatever open bracket or misplaced quotation mark creates the font issue you're talking about.

B4Bngr writes: TP won't be supported by the Revolution. That report is bunk.

Ice replies: For awhile there, we were all getting excited about the possibility. Turns out that it was just a rumor gone mad. I think the only place I mentioned it was on the Letters page, and I believe my exact wording was "And I've heard about the Revolution support; it's exciting news. We'll just have to wait and see how this all pans out. Thanks for your letter."

We weren't exactly believers in the possibility, but it sounded interesting.

Steve adds: I was VERY surprised to see how far out of hand the rumor got. It was certainly a pleasant idea, but the Revolution's Gamecube support is mostly emulated, meaning the Revolution will simulate the actual hardware a Gamecube uses to ensure the best compatibility. If the Revolution plays GC games on a simulated Gamecube, how would the Revolution controller work? The Gamecube has no native support for it. A Revolution-enabled Twilight Princess would have to be coded "to the metal" for the Revolution... so let's cross our fingers and hope that Nintendo will consider it after seeing how much of a buzz the idea generated.

(was that paragraph coherent?)

Ice replies: Moreso than the letters I don't print.

Kitsune writes: Fancy that, re-opening IZC! A smart move if I do say so myself; my web-browsing was becoming tiresome without your site to visit. The strangest thing is I feel as if I almost knew that it would come back; I said to myself the other day, ďIZC should come back. A classic site, it cannot simply have vanished off the face of the Ďnet.Ē Okay, so my thoughts and I donít always match up.

Anyway, I stumbled upon your site by chance, just like my first visit; in the same fashion, too, no less. I found my way here through Julietís site, which I hadnít been to in several months, and was surprised to discover that you were back. I donít draw anymore (gave it up), but Iíve turned to writing and have been re-playing Zelda. May write up an article or an editorial or something to submit. Itís off to a good start once again, after all these years.

We expect great things from you, Ice.

Ice replies: Nice to hear from you again. I think we all knew the site would be back at some point; we're glad it's sooner rather than later.

I'm glad you're replaying Zelda; it truly is a magical series. I'm also glad you're writing. We'd be more than happy to take a look at what you've been working on.

Glad you came back for a visit. Hope it happens more often.

Steve adds: Your writing style seems familiar... didn't we attend a seance together on ICQ, like seven years ago? Anyway, thanks for writing, sunshine.

Brainchild writes: I stand in awe of your coldness. Show me the way to the music, and I shall worship you forever.

What, is it not online yet?

Steve replies: We're working on that. Ice and I are both doing some original MIDI compositions (you heard it hear first!), and the old stuff will all be restored in due time. We have some stunning renditions of the Windmill Hut and Eagle Tower themes on the way, and even an Ice vs Status Remix of the Fishing Boat tune from Link's Awakening in the works. Spread the word.

Ice adds: Until then, read some of the articles we have in there.