May 11th, 2002

Nero writes: I've seen all the stories about Link's new eyes. They don't look very changed to me. This game is gonna flop.

Ice: They're not too different, but they're definitely an improvement. As for whether or not this game is gona flop, only time can tell us that.

Andrew writes: The game is not gonna be called Zelda Universe. That's Nintendo's official site. They submitted a copyright for it and people thought that it was for the game.

Ice: That sounds like a logical explanation.

Marrone writes: Why don't you reply to my e-mails?

Ice: I usually reply very quickly, but lately I've had a lot of stuff to do. Not only that, but my e-mail wasn't working for a few days, and all the messages that were sent to me during those couple days never got to me. Sorry.

AliceChain: writes: The thoughts and prayers thing that you have on the front page is really cool! You're a sensitive guy, aren't you? :)

Ice: If you consider being sensitive a good thing, then yes.

HomeTerf13 writes: your ocarina of time section sucks.

Ice: Sorry.