April 14th, 2002

Daniel writes: Has any box art been released for Zelda 128 yet? Someone said there was some, but then it was taken off of their site, and now I'm a little confused.

Ice: I got a few letters about this a couple weeks ago ... apparently some Zelda sites pulled an April Fool's joke and posted some fake box art. Many people believed them!

Grog writes: Can you play the Oracle games on Gameboy Advanced?

Ice: Yes, the Oracle series can be played on Gameboy Advance. In fact, there's even some things in the game that appear only when playing it on Gameboy Advance.

HersheyGirl writes: i have only one question this time. how many zelda games are there? i want to collect them all!

Ice: There are eight right now ... nine and ten are on the way ... for a complete listing, go to IZC's Games section.

Jerry: writes: Hello Ice. Before I get to my question I have to tell you that you have a great site, it's in my bookmarks and I go to it every day (there's usually something new every day, too). My question is this. What's going to be in the Village section of the site? There used to be Fan Fiction and stuff, but now that's in the Fan Center section. If you don't want to say yet, I understand........

Ice: I've got a lot of work to do on the Village ... but it should be done soon. You'll have to wait until then to find out.

Gerfeild writes: Igloo Zelda City! HAHAHAHA! What a loser Mr. Conrad is!

Ice: I see we have an old timer here ...