March 31st, 2002

Steve writes: happy easter izc

Ice: Happy Easter to you, too, and all our fans.

Rhea writes: I have some news for you. Zelda 128's release date is December 15th 2002.

Ice: Actually, that's incorrect ... that's someone's estimated shipping date on Zelda Cubed. An official release date has not been set as of now. There are several estimated shipping dates, the most common seem to be December 1st and December 15th (USA). The actual release date will probably be somewhere around there ... but I won't be surprised if it's bumped to 2003.

Magus writes: This letter is about Zelda Cube.

Please let your fans know that the release date has been set to December 15th, 2002. Looks like Zelda will make a 2002 release after all, as will many other 1st party titles.

It is also possible to pre-order Zelda now at some stores. I can't wait for Zelda, despite the cartoony style that everyone loathes.

Good luck with IZC. It's good to see it back.

Ice: Zelda Cubed may make the 2002 release, but some are still skeptical, including myself. Thanks for informing us about the pre-orders ... that's recent news.

Tanka: writes: i started a site on zelda but it's too much for me. how can i be on your staff? ps my best game is zelda 2 for n64

Ice: By Zelda 2 for N64 I assume you mean Majora's Mask, which is really Zelda 6.

IZC doesn't need much in the way of staff right now, but if you think you can offer something to us, feel free to contact us with more specifics ... such as: Would you like to work on strategy guides? Are you a good artist? Are you good at sequencing MIDI files? etc.

G Cast writes: Sorry to hear about the site theives, that's pretty raunchy. What happened to the theives that you spoke of in the letters?

Ice: We contacted them, and after a bit of a discussion, they removed the stolen material. I felt like being a nice guy because they were being pretty cooperative after awhile, so I let them use a couple things. I'm such a saint =)