February 20th, 2002

StarSeeker writes: Looks like the updates got the best of you. When are you going to resume updating?

Ice: Sorry ... but things were going on and I needed a break. I'm back to updating now.

Jaraad writes: The music section needs a little boost. Nice site though.

Ice: Yeah ... I know ... it's definitely not all that great ... Steve Dixon is supposedly working on the rest of it.

AlanAcal writes: A cartoon? A CARTOON? What are those Nintendo heads thinking? How could they possibly turn Zelda into a cartoon! Enough with Child Link! Give us the hot adult!

Ice: I agree ... enough with Child Link. Link seems to be getting younger and younger it seems ... not many people like the cartoon approach, but we'll just wait and see what becomes of it.

JHack writes: where's all the info on the new zelda. boo, 2 stars

Ice: Do you mean Majora's Mask, the new Game Boy games, or Zelda Cubed? We've got as much info as has been released on Zelda Cubed, but we seriously lack info on the other games ... so yeah, I'll accept 2 stars.

Martin Bakker writes: *groans*

Ice: You just have to have the last word, don't you?