January 23rd, 2002

Someone writes: why don't you update the site?

Ice: We've updated 21 days out of 23 this month ... what are you talking about?

The Running Man writes: now i know how to get the triforce. it is very easy everyone has overlooked it. follow these steps exactly first get 101 gold skulltulas. it is possible the 101 isn't very hard to find so i won't tell you where it is but here is a hint you have to unfreeze zora's domain which is also very easy. second you have to beat the running man at exactly 64'64. if you do that there will be a blue portal on the bridge like you get when you beat a boss. it wil transport you to the golden land which is a mirror of hyrule and not very much is diffrent except the triforce is where lonlon ranch is. please add this to your page.

Ice: There is no way to unfreeze Zora's Domain, and the Triforce is not in the game.

David writes: IZC and crew:

The Inside Zelda 64 page is awesome! It's one of the best features I've ever seen at a Zelda website. It's going to make you famous :-) When are you going to give us more info on the lost temples?

Ice: Thanks for the compliments. Alas, I have been slow to update the Zelda 64 Development page lately because it takes so much time and there are so many things going on at the site right now. Rest assured that it will be completed, and info on the temples is next on the list!

The Running Man writes (again): you say that icz has been around for years but so have i and i don't remember it

Ice: If you've been around the Zelda community for longer than two years, you would remember us. Maybe in a good way, maybe in a bad, but you'd remember us.

Martin Bakker writes: *groans*

Ice: I guess this was the sequel to last week's message.