December 25th, 1999

Jarvis writes: I've seen stuff said about male pigs in some of the letters editions. I
thought I would have to open my big mouth on the matter.

A woman thinks a man is a male pig. That is, he has a general stereotype
about women in general; that stereotype being that women are just objects for
us to look at, etc. If a woman thinks that, then she is in a sense a female
pig. She has a stereotype that all men in general have a stereotype about all
women. Therefore she becomes what she detests. Sounds sort of confusing at
first, but it makes sense in my twisted mind.

I don't mean to point fingers at individuals, of course. As for myself, I
watch what I say around women. They can be vicious. I'm sure Ice can
identify with me on that point.

Davis James writes: I hear that you're gay. Is that true? I'm talking
to Ice by the way. I heard that you paid for plane
tickets so all the staff could come to your home and
have a "good time" together. Is that true? I want a
ticket next time. It sounds fun to me. Will you
marry me? Please Please!!! You and Nebula both. I
want to marry both of you, and I want to work for you
too. Right now I live in Japan, but If you send me a
ticket I'll come live with you. Please respond!!!

Chuck writes: what happened to the white pages? i liked the white ones better

Stalfos333 writes: Sorry [for not clarifying]. Each game should have it's own section. The characters, weapons,
places, etc. for Zelda 2 should be seperated from the other games.

Truly Yours writes: what happened to the jokes section? that was one of my faves