December 13th, 1999

Andrea writes: how many women are on izc's staff?

Ice: We currently have 3: Nebula, PZelda, and Sheikah.

Nemesis: If you consider Nebula...

Nebula: That was SOO mean, Nemesis.

Thomas writes: this is my all-time favorite zelda site on earth. but where are your strategy guides?

Ice: Our staff member Timbo is busily working on the strategy guides right now. He'll have them completed in due time. But in the meantime, I'll answer any question you have on the game. However, because not everyone has finished every game, and they may not want secrets spoiled for them, I won't post any in-game questions on the Letters section. And those who HAVE completed the game you're asking a question for don't want to read stuff they already know. So I'll still answer questions, I just won't post them on here.

Nemesis: I believe I have read that response in times passed.

Maniacal Clown: I bet he's either got a "Letters Response Generator," or he gets them out of fortune cookies.

Handel writes: Cookies and cream! Mints and donuts! Cookies And Cream! MINTS AND DONUTS!

Maniacal Clown: Is this the guy who wrote "The Messiah?" Or is this the guy from the ice cream company? I'm leaning towards ice cream...

Ice: *notes the guy's name* Get a HANDEL on yourself!

Nemesis: Ah, a pathetic pun with his name. I dub you Attila the Pun, Ice.

Ice: Yours wasn't much better, Nemesis....

Nebula: You two have problems... And I know for a fact that your mother held you enough as a child, Ice. But from what I hear about YOUR mother, Nemesis...

Porduy writes: Woa baby! Hey man, I looked at your letters section, and there were like 60 editions in there! Dam*, that is awesome! Do you guys hold the world record for letters sections?

Maniacal Clown: Sadly, most of our letters come from Ice's buddies with no lives...

Nebula: As do the responses.

Ice: Well, Porduy, we're pretty close to it. We are in second place among Zelda sites for Letters. The site in first place has 77 editions. We're getting close behind, but not quite there yet. We're more focused on breaking IZC's age-old record of eight letters editions in one month. The overall record for Zelda sites is 9, which we also hope to break this month. Send in your letters to zeldaice@gmail.com to help us make this thing possible!

Tom_Thumb writes: your site has a ton of editiorial. how much does is have, and what is the record?

Ice: We currently have 98 editorials, holding the World Record among Zelda sites for most editorials. It's not an easy task to keep that record, so keep submitting. We'll chose which ones to post from among the best.

Maniacal Clown: Out of 98, I have...5...I feel worthless...unloved...hold me...

Nebula: Anytime, Maniacal Clown... *holds the teary-eyed clown*

Maniacal Clown: Ahhh...It's good to be the good-lookin' one!

Nebula: *lets go* Don't flatter yourself.

*Charlie wants to type something*

*Ice sees what he types, and deletes it quickly*

Ice: Bad Charlie.... See what kind of friends I have?! And I let these two in my house year after year....