December 11th, 1999

Alley writes: This is a wonderful site! I remember a big site saying bad stuff about this site, but that site sucks anyway, and this site totally rules! They were probably just jealous =^) I've read every single edition of letters, and it's the funniest stuff I've ever read! Way to go, Ice =^) Three cheers for the best site ever made, IZC!

Ice: Thanks for your letter, Alley. I sincerily enjoy receiving letters like this.

Maniacal Clown: rah rah rah...

Everyone writes: Can you help me with level _ in Zelda _?

Ice: Our staff member Timbo is busily working on the strategy guides right now. He'll have them completed in due time. But in the meantime, I'll answer any question you have on the game. However, because not everyone has finished every game, and they may not want secrets spoiled for them, I won't post any in-game questions on the Letters section. And those who HAVE completed the game you're asking a question for don't want to read stuff they already know. So I'll still answer questions, I just won't post them on here.

Josh writes: a lot of sites steel your exclusive music. what are you going to do about it?

Ice: If the site is on a free server, such as Tripod, Geocities, etc., we can get them to take it down easily. However, sites such as ZHQ, which stolen A LOT of my copyrighted music, we can only ask them to take it down. Conrad, the webmaster of ZHQ, absolutely REFUSES to take down my copyrighted music, and there's not much I can do about that, sadly. I was hoping he would have behaved in a "mature fasion" like he said he would, but this is sadly not the case.

Steve: Which brings up an interesting question, what are you going to do about Con--d over there? Surely you're not going to let him get away with this, Ice...

Maniacal Clown: We're going to hunt them down and beat them with canoe paddles...

Andrea writes: why do all the guys flirt with nebula? she's right, men are pigs!

Ice: Oink oink.

Maniacal Clown: You're interrupting my evening slop...

Steve: Don't call it flirting. We all ~humor~ Nebula.

Kerron writes: Do the staff know each other in real life? Here is my theory: Ice, Nebula, JMK, Navie, and Nemesis all know each other in real life. Steve and Maniacal Clown know each other in real life. PZelda and Sheikah know each other in real life. Stalfos333 and SCNWO know each other in real life. But the four differint groups of people don't know each other in real life. Am I right?

Ice: Yes, and no. Me and Nebula know each other in real life. Me, Nemesis, and Crysaler live very near each other, but have never met. Stalfos and SCNWO live near each other, but have also never met. JMK and Navie live kinda near each other, but have never met. The other two groups don't live near each other at all. Good detective work, though! You got a lot of things REAL close!

Steve: Pretty darn close. At one time I suspected that Stalfos333 and SCNWO were the same person. At another time, I even suspected that Ice, Neb, Rocky, Nemesis, Magisuth, Justin and Crysaler were all the same person. Iced Gaming is something of a breeding ground for conspiracies. For example, I'm really... oops, can't tell you!

Maniacal Clown: I don't know any of these people. I'm forced to do this. It's slave labor. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!