December 6th, 1999

Jerry writes: When are you going to add more stuff to the anniversry page?

Nebula: When you start contributing to it, dearie.

Maniacal Clown: When someone sends the poor Clown some material!

Thomas Rung writes: i have some fan art for you. how do i send it?

Nebula: Stick it in your disk drive. It'll come out of ours.

Ice: Not exactly, Nebula. So, depends on how you drew it. If you drew it on your computer with MS Paint, Adobe, etc., then all you do is e-mail the file to sillychillyman@. If you hand-drew it, you'll have to use a scanner and scan it in, then e-mail it to us. You can attatch the file to your e-mail using the "Attatch File" command/function/thingy.

Power5009 writes: Why does everyone pick on Nebula so much? She's my favorite staff member. We love you, Nebula!!!

Ice: How much did you pay that guy to write that, Nebby?

Nebula: Thanks, sweetie. And Ice, I was able to pay him a lot, since your prost. rates went way down.

Maniacal Clown: How come nobody likes ME?

Nebula: We love you too, Clown ;)

Steve: We tease her because we like her. That or because she constantly has fun at our expense and harasses us over ICQ. One of those...

Nebula: That touched my heart, Steve.

Kerri writes: Hi Ice, great site. I especially like all the editorials and letters. Hey, are you ever going to have pictures of you and the other staff members up on the site? That would be awesome. I want to see what you look like =)

Maniacal Clown: You wouldn't want to see what I look like...

Ice: Unfortunately, when we tried to take a picture, Nebula's face broke the camera.

Nebula: Oh, that's a real good one, Ice.

Steve: I'd post Ice's picture, but he might not like that.

Janet writes: does icz have a mascot

Ice: While I'm not exactly sure what "icz" is, IZC doesn't have a mascot as of yet.

Nebula: Ice, he meant "IZC", smart guy.

Maniacal Clown: I thought Justin was our mascot and we let him get beat up at football games...

Steve: Stalfos333 and Crysaler used me as a mascot for a while. Then I realized they were only using it as an excuse to haze me, so I stood down as mascot. Then I realized they were hazing me anyway. Mascots aren't always a good thing. Just take a look at a fellow site's "Freaky Link" and you'll see what I mean.