December 2nd, 1999

Charles writes: wehat happened to jmk? he was my vavorite staff member

Nebula: JMK was like, 20 years old, and had to quit working for us to just keep moving on in the world. He's missed greatly...

Nemesis: Now I'm stuck working on IZC alone with the gorgeous Nebula... Life couldn't be better.

Nebula: Pig. Male pig.

Lowbrass100 writes: Hey Ice, the music you create is awesome! I can't wait until that single and/or album of yours that's coming out in 2001... it's gonna be awesome! You rock buddy! One question: will you put part of your single and/or album on the site when you record it?

Nebula: I've heard some of Ice's songs in the making, and been to every one of his concerts (except two in Oklahoma and 3 in New Mexico), and I can safely say that it will be well worth your wait.

Nemesis: My favorite song of his so far is "World Without You" and the one another Zelda site has mistakenly labeled as "Zelda CD-i Dungeon" (it's not from the Zelda CD-i games, it's an original composition by Ice that was featured on IZC and the webmaster of the other site got "confused").

Nebula: My favorite song of Ice's is that "Zelda CD-i Dungeon" that Nemesis was talking about, "Since I Met You" (the words are soooo touching), and the song he's working on now that doesn't have a name...

Nemesis: What about the one he usually uses as an "encore" song? The bass in that one is awesome.

RRJ writes: the end is coming...

Nebula: Oh no!

Nemesis: Alert CNN.

Someone Stupid writes: I think Nebula needs to get off of her period before
she pisses someone off and gets herself killed.

Nemesis: Gee... someone wants to die. I think I'll edit out Nebula's response... little kiddies are watching.

Drizzt writes: Were you aware that every single part of your page causes a tripod thingie to pop-up? That's really annoying. I don't know if you can do anything about that, or if you want to, but I don't think that's what is supposed to happen. Your worshipers probably don't mind though.

Nebula: They prolly don't.

Nemesis: There's nothing we can do about the ads without making Tripod veeeeeery angry...