November 20th, 1999

Curtis writes: hi i'm curtis

Nebula: Not to mention a man of many words.

Ice: Hi Curtis.

Nemesis: I know someone named Curtis.

Nebula: Wow. Okay. Bye, Curtis.

Someone writes: iwastalkingtoicelatelyandhesaidthatheneededsomeinterestinglettersandisaidwhatthe

Nebula: Makes you wanna go out and hug a space bar.

Dingodonkey writes: Are letters just what you update so you can say you've updated every day without REALLY working?  Your pathetic ICE!  ;)  Now if you REALLY want Save The Whales, find that pic of the fat woman swimming (its somewhere online) with the water shooting out her as*....  now THATS save the whales!  LOL

Nebula: Someone might need to save YOU...

Ice: Letters are pretty hard work, actually.

A Slightly Disgruntled Visitor writes: IZC sucks because Ice sucks!!!!!
Why does Ice suck?
here are a few reasons:
1. He is too important to talk to the viewers
2. He makes his staffies do all of the work for him
3. He never posts decent info anymore
4. He...just...SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Ice: Someone get my ego a band-aid!

Nebula: It's times like this that I wish Navie were here.

Nemesis: Too important to talk to the viewers? Staffies do all the work? I've been staff for a long time, and I haven't done ANY work...

Rainbowman69 writes: Great site. What do you guys look like?

Nemesis: It's always been a general rule of mine to never supply a picture of myself to a guy named Rainbowman69. Chances are, he wants it for evil purposes. Also, it would be quite impossible to get a picture of Nebula, seeing as how the camera breaks every single time we attempt to capture one...

Nebula: Them's fightin' words!