November 18th, 1999

The Spy of Wales writes: I want the Fan Center! How long?

Ice: I can promise you; the Fan Center is coming VERY soon... with some new additions....

Nebula: But don't get your hopes up about the Save the Whales section being in there.

Ordeal writes: you need grafics

Nebula: And YOU need spell-check.

Ice: I'm workin' on it... geez.

Amy G. writes: this is defenetly one of the wierdest things you did, ice. a save the whales section? what are you thinking, silly boy? :) i'll help it if you want :)

Nebula: That isn't even close to one of the weirsest things he's done.

Ice: You're right, Nebula. Hiring YOU was one of the weirdest things I've done.

Andy writes: Who's Nebula? Is that the same guy as Nemesis?

Ice: No.

Nebula: Who's Nebula? The worst nightmare of people who call me a man... watch the "guy".

Greg_098 writes: Hi Ice! Glad to see that you're back! I saw your address on a dinky site's MB, and was shocked that the site was back up! Way to go :-) I have one small question: Does the black Navi mean that Dark Link is back? Later :-)

Ice: At this point, we're not sure. But I would LOVE to see Dark Link making a return.

Nebula: No, stupid. The Black Navi means that Link is a black guy now, not white.