November 16th, 1999

Jake writes: what happened to the site?

Ice: It was here last time I checked. Be specific, por favor.

Jimmy writes: think you made up the letter about the jungle jim

Ice: Letter about the "jungle jim"? I don't recall a "jungle jim" in any of the letters sections. Maybe Jimmy's a prophet who can forsee the future? Or maybe the aliens made away with it! Maybe YOU made it up, not me.

Charles V writes: Great site. Here's something to help your T-force section. I have a theory about the T-Force. You know how Link holds Courage, Zelda holds Wisdom, and Ganandork holds Power? What if Impa holds the fourth piece? Think about it. It could happen..............

Ice: You're right, that's a possibility, but before we go off saying stuff like that, we've got to have reasons. How did she come to possess it? What is it? Why doesn't it surface at the battle at the end of Zelda 64? She's just a mere sage. I think if she would have had the fourth piece, then it would have surfaced then.

John writes: Any idea when the Cartoon section will be up? Thanks

Ice: Not many people have requested us to complete the Cartoon section (in the Media section). So we'll have to finish what the majority wants, first.

BigBob_69 writes: hi ice. i have an ideal for the story section. what if ganon can come back after zelda 64? you need to ask yourself the question and riht about.

Ice: According to our Storyline theory, Ganon DOES come back after Zelda 64, because Zelda 64 takes place BEFORE the other 4.