November 14th, 1999

Tetraguy writes: I have one word for you: Tetraforce.

Ice: And I have one happy word for you: SOON! With Stalfos333's honorable retirement, it's obvious he won't be able to do anything anymore. But that doesn't mean that it's not coming. All-Star Staffie Steve Dixon already has most of it done, and I just need to add a few finishing touches. The wait for the Tetraforce is almost over. The wait for Zelda Gaiden, however...

The Shark writes: I saw a stupid question on the main page of IZC. It read: "Which section do you want me to complete first?" Duh! Everyone knows IZC has the most outragos, totally cool music section! Do that one, buddy! YEAH!

Ice: So that's about 500 votes for music, 200 for Games, and 1.3 for the Save the Whales section. Poor whales...

Amy_99 writes: You said something about a "Save the Whales" section in the last edition of Letters. Is this a real section?

Ice: Don't ask me, ask the Magic 8 Ball...

Pescado writes: Hola o holy Zelda gods. My most favorite part of your site is the character summaries, but my second favorite is surely the music section. When will you have the music section online? I'm not trying to rush you, because you have been giving the best updates on any site ever, but I just want to know when it's coming.

Ice: EVERYONE wants the music section... We have all been working very hard around here lately, but even so, priorities such as the music section aren't very close to being finished. But I promise you, you'll have it by the end of the year. The most likely launch date for it is late November/Early December. But there's always a chance that we'll finish it before then.

Tye writes: will zelda gaiden have the princess in it?

Ice: That's a very hard question to answer... we really don't know much about Zelda: Gaiden at all. Since it takes place in a parallel dimension, there's a high chance that she won't be there. However, because we've already seen the familiar mugs of Malon, Zora's, Gorons, etc., there's a high chance that she WILL be in it. Even if she IS included, since it's a parallel dimension, we prolly won't see the Princess as we're used to her... No one's really sure yet. It's all pure speculation.