November 12th, 1999

Jerome writes: "Ice" my man! I can't believe that you run this Zelda site. I mean, I believe it, dawg, but, you know, holding it out on us all this time. Pretty funky. Anywayz, congrats on your 3 state tour! If you post this, and if any of you don't know, Ice led a 3 state tur with his band! YEAH, BABY! Shoot, dawg, you would make a good clown, man. See ya Monday! Hope you studied for that Biology quiz...

Ice: I love it when my "real" friends intervene... And what Jerome said about the 3 state tour is true... I haven't had much time for the sites and much of anything else. My total profits from the tour were $17,000!!! Way too go ME!


Jimmy writes: I was reading through a lot of the old Letters sections that you used to make for the site. I noticed there hasn't been one for a long time. But even though there hasn't, I never read these old ones before. I think they're really cool! All this awesome stuff is there, and all these awesome people, like JMK, Navie, and SCNWO. J-man sucks. I think you should fire him. I used to think that J-man and JMK were the same person, but JMK is much cooler. The old letters are so funny. But how did the corn thing start? Does it have anything to do with the band Korn? Is your site what made Korn so popular with all of the letters about corn? Please answer these flaming questions!

Ice: Flaming questions?! Get the fire extinguisher!!! Seriously, though, thanks for the compliments. And for the record, J-man hasn't been around for at least a year. And yes, the old letters are funny :) And to be honest with you, I really have no idea how the corn thing started. One visitor started talking about corn, another thought it was a good idea and did the same, and all of the sudden, we were a very 'corny' website (bad joke, sorry :) And even though it's prolly not true, I'd like to believe that we're responsable for Korn's success :) I hope that answers your "flaming questions"...

Zeldafan19 writes: Is the T-force section ever coming? you lie stalfos

Ice: First of all, Stalfos333 never officially recommitted to doing it. When people like you lack appreciation for his hard work and time, it doesn't make us want to make the site better to serve you. I wouldn't be surprised if Stalfos didn't do it with e-mails like that coming in...

John writes: hello. I think your site is awesome. Thank you for posting my letter last edition. Will the cartoon section be in the Media section?

Ice: Either that, or I'll get a stroke of creativity and put it in the "Save the Whales" section.

Yamaha writes: Hey Ice! The Zelda Gaiden preview is AWESOME! I knew IZC would come through. It's always come through for me. Now I have a question. One of the screenshots showed someone behind a counter that looks like one of the two Twinrova witches. Is that one of them? Is she operating a store? So many questions! =)

Ice: As of right now, we're not entirely sure. It does looks as if he/she/it is running a store, but we can't even be sure of that. As for who it is, we don't know that, either. Stay tuned to IZC. We'll let you know as soon as we know.