June 9th, 1999

Taka writes: How do you beat the seal in Zelda?

Ice: Er... seal? First, you'll have to tell us which game you're talking about, then be more specific as to what enemy you're talking about.

Crysaler: Be more specific.

Stalfos333: I remember a couple of barriors, a walrus, LOTS of locked doors...take your pick Taka, all could be viewed as "seals"

Porduy writes: Hi. I have a question for Stalfos333. When do you plan to have the Tetriforce section online?

Stalfos333: So many supportors, lately. The Tetriforce will be up by December of the year 2020, but the Tetraforce will be up this summer. (providing you fans send me your ideas at stalfos333@ignmail.com)

Jake writes: Hiya peeps. This may sound rude, but I'll ask anyway. Why doesn't Ice do anything for the site anymore?

Ice: There are projects and things here to do for IZC other than what you physically see right now...

Crysaler: Ice does a whole lot more for the site than you probably know.

Stalfos333: In fact, he's my hero. I wonder if anyone else shares my view? Anyone?

Jake (different than above) writes: you have an awesome site. it is the best one i go to for editorials and neat things other than editorials. you guys are so cool. ice should have a fan club for himself :-) i would join, and so would my sister. find someone to startone. it could be awesome. bye bye kiddies

Ice: An Ice Fan Club? Hm... now THAT would have pretty great possibilites! :-)

Crysaler: Why worsip a chunk of frozen H20?

Stalfos333: With summer on the way, a few might start, Crysaler.

Roland W. writes: Aloha. I have asked mnay people the following question, and never got a good response. The answer was simply "Uh, I think there were three". I was repulsed at such things, and I determined to ask the experts. Naturally, I thus went to IZC. Here is my question: How many Links and Zelda's are there spread throught the entire series of 5 (6) games?

Crysaler: There has always been Three Links, one in Zelda 5, One in Zelda 1 and 2, and another in Zelda 3 and 4. The facts may not be entirely straight, but it's assumed that there was three, possibly four Zeldas, in the entire series (counting the sleeping one in Zelda 2) This will be explained in the Legend Section, once it is online.

Stalfos333: Crysaler described the most popular (by informal poll) theory. Others say each game has it's own hero and princess, and still others say there is only one set which appears in all the games. Really, everyone should play the games and read the manuals to decide for themselves how many there are.

Yuri writes: Wooka wooka! That's Wookan for "Hello my little fuzzball!" Okay.. I admit it. I stole that joke from Ice.

Ice: Yeah, I thought it sounded familiar... :-) However, my Wookan is pretty rusty; I only remember a few basic verbs and about 200 nouns. Let's see... "play" is "wooka". "Eat" would then be... um... oh yes! "Wooka". "Waste of Time Letter" would be "The Letter Yuri Just Sent Us. Wooka."

Stalfos333: I agree wholeheartedly, but really, isn't Link's clothing more provincial than global? ... Doh, I keep replying to a decent letter, instead of Yuri's.

Stuart writes: I was at a Zelda page, and they said that IZC had the best section on the Zelda cartoons ever made. I can't find anything about the cartoons on your site. Were they lying? The URL to that site is *********************.

Ice: No, they weren't lying. IZC used to have the largest section on the cartoons in the entire world, but we've temporarily taken it off fpr remodeling, along with most of everything else :-)

Crysaler: Our Cartoons page is one of the largest on the entire internet, it's just being remodeled and redone. It'll soon be a part of the Media Section.

Stalfos333: Yeah, we have a huge Cartoons section. It's just hiiiiiiiding.