May 12th, 1999

Jimmi writes: Hi Ice! Great site! I have a tough question, but I know that you'll know the answer. Okay: When is Zelda 64DD scheduled to come out? Thanks!

Ice: You're right... that IS a tough question! The problem is, NO ONE knows the answer to that right now. It could be later this year (there are several rumors circulating about this possibility), or it could be in three years. The thing is, is that the 64DD most likely will never come out in the US. That means that only Japan will get Zelda 64DD. But there is a very good possibility that for the US and PAL releases, Zelda 64DD will turn into somewhat of a lock-on cart. Nintendo claims that Zelda 64DD has been made with the "plugs" for such a device. But we'll just have to wait and see. You can be sure that IZC will have the news on this as it breaks.

Crysaler: Rumors of a lock-on cart have been circulating over the 'net for some time. It's been centered on the sequel to BK, Banjo-Tooie, also.

Stalfos333: In other words, don't hold your breath, Jimmi.

John N. writes: When is IZC's birthday? I thought that it was in April and I was just checking to see when it was. Kick as* site!

Ice: IZC's birthday is April 26th

Stalfos333: We sort of missed it due to server difficulties...

Charlie writes: What happened to the section about the cartoons? That was one of my favorite things at IZC. Please bring it back!

Ice: The famous Cartoon section will be back online soon... as with everything ELSE.

Crysaler: Cruiser, the expert on Cartoons, has taken a sabbatical, or a break. Don't worry, he'll be back.

Stalfos333: We're trying, people. You have to remember that we have other things to sap our time. School, work, social events...

Someone writes: what do u use to make ur midi music? i am a guitarist and i know how hard u work on them and ur talent is great. u r a living god!

Ice: Thanks. To make the MIDI's, I figure out the entire song (which can take literally over 75 hours for some), and I play it all into my keyboard, as it's hooked up to the computer.

Crysaler: u sound like someone i know. but then again, a lot of people use the type of imporpor english.

Stalfos333: Let's all inflate Ice's ego. As if he didn't already think he's a god among men.

Alicia writes: Hiya Ice. I just wanted to tell you that I saw that you married Stephanie R in the last edition of letters, but if you hadn't married her, than I would ask you to marry me. :) I LOVE YOU ICE!!!

Ice: Aw, you ladies make me blush... really! :-)

Stalfos333: Another marriage proposal? You dog, Ice.

Ronald writes: All great Zelda webmasters, I am writing to tell you that you should get a rock band together and make a Zelda remix CD. If anyone does this, would they please tell me about it, and I will pay cash.

Ice: What do think Platinum Ecstasy did in 1996-97?!

Stuart writes: Hello Ice and the rest, I used to own a great Zelda site, but I have given it up due to too much school. Is IZC offering job positions? If this is the case, I would like more information. Thank you for your time.

Ice: Yes, I suppose that we ARE looking for good, quality staff. If you would like to apply, e-mail sillychillyman@myself.com. Remember, we are only looking for TOP QUALITY staff members. ONLY THE BEST. If you think that you could handle being one of the best, give us a holler

Crysaler: You heard him, only the top-notch make it. At this time in IZC's lifetime, we're a bit more "consciencious" about who we hire.

Stalfos333: Ice's Zelda Central only uses the best of the best, the crem de la crem, the cream of the crop...and me. I'm here for tax reasons, apparently you get a write-off for hiring an idiot...