May 2nd, 1999

Carrie writes: I heard about my friends saying about a message board at IZC, but I can't find it. The old one is no longer being worked at. What is the URL for the new one?

Ice: I have corrected the link to it in the Fan Center. Check it out!

Stalfos333: It's currently one of the most active parts of IZC (give us time!!!) so I hope you enjoy.

Jezza writes: Zelda has got to be the most analyzed game of all time. For years it has been a source of international debate, leading to the collapse of many third world countries. Various important issues have arisen from these games. The order of the games, the triforce, Zelda's bra size and whether or not slamming your LoZ cartridge against the wall was the right way to get it to work (Hey, it worked for me!). People should stop getting into knife fights over where exactly Link's Awakening came in the series. Just play the stupid games! If Mityamato had meant the Zelda series to turn into a Star Wars like saga, he would have said so. But needless to say, good things have come out of Zelda's status as a cult figure. We have brilliant fan-fics like those written by the Singleton sisters, communities being formed with great message boards, sites like these, and giving me the ability to write pointless editorials. LONG LIVE THE KING!

Crysaler: .... I agree with you all the way, Jezza! But Zelda's bra size? What kind of pyschotic, obssesed gamers wonder about that? Maybe that kind is a part of IZC's userbase...

Stalfos333: Nothing surprises me about our fans anymore...now is that good or bad?  :o)

KMirko51 writes: good website...u should sign up for Zelda Top 50..you would probabaly get #1

Ice: The thing is, is that IZC is far above a simple Top 50 list. As we grow, we're becoming more professional. And a professional attiditude scoffs at such lists. Plus, various sources have informed me that the webmaster of Zelda Online has altered the script and cheats to give himself a high ranking. IZC gets about 3,500 visitors a day right now. The Top 50 would hardly be beneficial to us.

Crysaler: Like Ice said, we are way too professional for that kind of list. Besides, you have to put up that ugly graphic, and pop-up windows are too annoying. Ice, I wouldn't be surprised if what you heard was right.

Stalfos333: I've never liked those things anyway, It seems like the sites that get a lot of hits don't have much on them.

Kate writes: yo ice, its kate. I'm  stuck on zelda 2. every enemy i touch kills me!!! my health has the letter "H" instead of a number. please can you help? My dad got this thing that lets you bulid web sites and he let me use it .ive got my own space and address but when you put it in this blakc screen comes up. the trouble is i dont know how to get the pages on the internet. My friend told me something about HTMF or something i cant really remember now......

i just wondered if you could give me a bit of an insight of how you do it .in the fishing pond in zelda 64 i mannaged ot get the hat off that stupid man how owns the pond. i just thought id let you know.

Ice: The Zelda 2 thing sounds like a glitch in the game... And to get your pages on the internet, you'll have to use FTP probably... there are several FTP programs availible. I recommend using Tripod's or Geocities FAQ and/or Help Guides to get you started. And as for the fisherman, "hats-off" to Kate!

Crysaler: It's called HTML, and you don't need to know it to make a webpage. You only need MS Frontpage, and that's it. Most of the webservers that offer free hosting also offer uploading your files via a browser-type thingy. So you don't need to know FTP for that either. Ony when you're working with other servers (not Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, etc.) do you want/need to know about that. Congrats on getting that, it's hard to posistion yourself so accurately to get his hat.

Challenger writes: Hello! Hello! Hello! I am The Challenger. You may remember mefrom the MB. Ok, now for the death blow. "In the Zelda 2 manual it says: When the three parts of the Triforce are combined the Triforce produces it'smaximum power" or something like that. Therefore, the Tetraforce can't exist, since it doesn't have a purpose. Now for something complety different! Could you put up Hyrule again? I want to try to beat it. Finally, Would you mind putting up a direct link to the new MB? Thanks, Challenger.

Ice: We'll fully investigate Tetraforce matters once more when the Legend section gets rolling. Also, we are completely redesigning Hyrule, so it may be quite some time before we put it up again.

Crysaler: Yeah, I agree with you on that. It would be too hard to incorporate the Tetraforce into the storyline series, but working with that is not my fortee. I always thought though, that the Tetraforce was included in the forging of the Master Sword. Maybe that's why it's the only thing that con conquer the Triforce's power. Hyrule is Ice's idea, and he's in charge of it now.

Stalfos333: Oh, how it pains me that the tetraforce still has opponents.  and with no one publically for it, too.  Show your support, believers.  Sorry, Ice, I just had to get that out of my system.

Yonan writes: Ice! HA! Post the Cor-nad editorials! Yes! Do it, man!

Ice: So far, we've had 36 people telling us to post them...

Stalfos333: Do we dare sink to the level of Conrad?

Alicia writes: Hi Ice, I really love your work and your site. I'm not on the internet much, but whenever I am, your site is the first place I go. I read that you had a lot of editorials about honry Corny Vander-Noodle. Post them! It won't be IZC that is making fun of his, because the Letters section is like a Message Board. Free topics. Please, Ice! Send them to me, if you won't post them. Horny Corny must suffer! With eternal love, Alicia

Ice: Ooo, that makes 37 people!

Crysaler: Hey, do I know this Alicia? Probably not, but oh well. Anyway, the cornad editorials are Ice's business, not mine.

Stalfos333: Looks like support is swing in favor of posting...It's up to Ice.