April 17th, 1999

Christian Warrior writes: Now, I've got a question for the staff.  Since completing part four of my story, I've wanted to know, what do the people want in a good fan fiction?  Do they want comedy, mystery, drama, horror, or just plain old good fashioned adventure?  I want to be sure to give you, the fans, the finest and best in high quality stories.  The Binding Force of Link is but the first in a long series of books to come, and before they get underway I need to make sure that I've done things right so far.  What needs improvement?  What do I need to lay off of?  Is there anything in particular that you'd like to see happen.  If you haven't read my story as of yet, then why am I even wasting my time here?  Part five has yet to be completed!

--Christian Warrior

-God rules!!-

Ice: That is a very difficult question... and I think that I'll let the readers of the site answer it. Send in your thoughts on this subject! sillychillyman@myself.com

Crysaler: I like mystery and suspense in a fan fic, but that's just my opinion.

David writes: i know how to get the 4th bottle but ineed help i know that there are ten poes you have to find put in a bottle and give them to the one eyed man but when i give him the poe he says its a normal poe and dos'nt add them for me,what am i doing wrong????.

Crysaler: You have to kill Poes on Epona, use your arrows if you have them yet.  Big poes are also a different color.

Stalfos333: All the Giant poes are on the Hyrule Field, in set locations.

Kate writes: in zelda 64, go to lake hylia at night. stand on the island where you can warp to. go to the edge and use c-up to look down. weird  huh? iv got no idea what  it is .. Plus (still on the zelda 64 questions) have you seen that weird fish in the fising pond? (when you are an adult) Its long and brown. thanks

Crysaler: I don't know  about your first thing, I've never tried it.  I think the big fish is called the "Hylian Eel" or something like that. I've never seen it on my gold cart.

Stalfos333: Actually, It's called the Hyrule Loach. It's a 30 pound fish which can only be caught with the sinking lure.

SCNWO: Ummmm, which edge?  I also have a gold cart, and I don't see a giant brown fish......could that be a difference in the two carts??  Probably not, maybe you already have the sinking lure, i didn't bother to get it.

Stephanie W. writes: I love you Ice! Marry me!

Ice: Okay.

Stalfos333: Lucky guy...

Pac-Man writes: Hey Ice. My name is Bill. I like playing Zelda. I was wondering how I could make some fast cash. Thanks.

Ice: Sell your siblings into slavery.

Crysaler: Really? I thought that you had to sell your new gold cart (with manual, box and all) on Ebay on November 24. I guess I was wrong.

Stalfos333: Rob a liquor store... In the game, selling a fish will get you 100 rupies and selling a bug will get you 50.Here's a trick to speed things up:  Fill two bottles with bugs, then you can sell a bottle of bugs, fill it with one of the three bugs that comes out of the other bottle(be sure to refill the bottle you emptied) and voila, infinate cashflow.  Now ask yourself why you need so much money...

SCNWO: I also know that the blue flame is worth cash, I want to say around 150-200.  I would check to be sure, but then I'd end up trying to prove you can get the tri-force and play the game for a week.

Jacob Furrel writes: Hiyas! I just wanted to tell you how much I love the music on your site! I've been playing the guitar for a year and a halve, and Ice's musical ability is really something to be admired. I've seen a lot of musicians in my time, and Ice is absolutely the best. I really got a lot of good use out of the sheet music that he posted, and I can't wait until the next sheet musics are posted! Speaking of such, what are the next peices? Please reply. Thank you!

Ice: What's that sound? Oh, it's just my ego being inflated. Thanks, Jacob! As for the next pieces of sheet music... well... Y'ALL tell ME. What songs would you like to see?

Crysaler: Sigh.. another ego-inflater... All webmasters are egotistical sometime or another, right?

Stalfos333: Like Ice REALLY needs his ego inflated.  Kidding.

SCNWO:  I don't even try to comprehend how someone can hear a song, then sit there and make an midi......it scares me man!!!

Arctic Sage writes: Hi I love your site! Whoever ICE is, is sorta like me! I love Ice for some reason. You know, Ice that you make with water. Anyways, I think your site is one of the best! I have a question for you! When you get your MIDI section up, will you include the music you have been posting on the main NEWS page? I really liked the LOST WOODS EXTREME midi!!! By the way, did you ever have a midi on your site named this: ie4chan I just want to know! Hey! If this somehow ends up on a new letters page or something like that, dont post my address! Please! Plus, if you would like to reply to this, send it to ******** ! PS. Can you take off the Gerudo vally extreme? I dont like it. Sorry, post something new! Can I send idea's to you and write you again? I would really like that! Thanks!

Ice: Woa. SOMEBODY'S had too much sugar... Thanks, though!

Stalfos333: Yes.

SCNWO:  I find that ice waters down the flavor of my liquid beverages too much, so I'll just stick to refrigerating them.