April 12th, 1999

Lim~Dul The Necromancer writes: I don't know who you think i am but my name is Chris DesBarres I live in Amherst Nava Scotia. I don't know who scotty is but you guys seem alright and i wouldn't mind talking to you guys again.I hope you don't get pi**ed cause you thought i was someone else just email me and tell me.

Ice: Um... the "Idiot of the Day" letter. Sorry. Oh, and I have a few friends over today (Nektie and Jake), so I decided to indulge them.

Necktie: Two words: "Grammer School".

Jacob C: Woa! It's Barney! Gimme a cookie! Toe-nails make me wanna hurl!

Drizzt writes: I'm on the internet and I go to your site. This is monday, by the way, and to my surprise, it's already the sixth. When just yesterday on Sunday it was the fourth. Is your site so great as to be able to manipulate the very laws of time and space!? Or are you so poor that you can't afford a calendar either. You need to spend some of this money from this new "job" (hahaha) To buy yourself a calendar and stick it right on your computer screen. i worked on my web page alittle and it's shaping up to be something decent, but i can't figure out how to get that da*n geocities thing to work. i might have to switch to something else. My eventual goal is to get Magisuth to host it. It needs a lot of work before that happens though!:) See you later, Cookie Monster!

Ice: Ok, Big Bird!

Necktie: Three words: "Help him please".


Charlie Lemmink writes: Hola Ice and the rest... Just thought I'd comment on the HTML for the music--Someone said that you should put BOTH the EMBED SRC and the BGSOUND SRC things onyour page for music... But I don't know how great an idea THAT is... Itried that at first, and on certain versions of Internet Explorer (like possibly AOL's... Go ahead, yell at me for it; I hate every minute of it), with both of those tags you get TWO pieces of the same music playing at ONCE. And they don't start at the same time... Just imagine one piece of music five seconds after the other, both blaring on the speakers. Ouch. Adios Zelda Muchachos

Ice: The Webmaster of The Golden Land and one of my best internet buddies. Thanx Chuck!

Jacob C: Gwawk.

Necktie: Sorry, Charlie. Jacob is a queer.

Loyal Link writes: i have a web site and i need some pictures email me back

Ice: EXCUSE me?

Necktie: You're excused.

Jacob C: ??? Excused? Did someone burp?

Tommy Brown writes: Hi. First of all, GREAT SITE. It gets better and better each day. But I'll just cut to the chase. I read that thing about you on *HQ, and that was really stupid. "Sad, sad Conrad" it says. Sad, indeed. He knew nothing about what really happened to you, and since I went to school with you in elementary, and I actually knew your sister, and knew you, and I actually went to the funeral, and helped out when you ran away, I supposed that I would just write you a note to post to tell people that. First of all, like you said, it wasn't anyone's business. "Cor-nad" on ZH* just decided that he had nothing to update, so he typed up some bull-sh*t about you. Second of all, you wanted to keep what had happened (except Teresa) a secret. It was no one's place to post anything like that. Sad, sad Cor-nad. "Yes, that really does make him sad".

Conrad Vander-Woude, Webmaster of ZHQ, writes: As I recall, all I did is point out that I didn't entirely think that everything said on IZC was true. I wasn't sure what part wasn't accurate. I wasn't even positive that every part was inaccurate. I stated that on the site. However, I in fact did seemingly expose a cover-up. How is what I wrote up a public lie?

--Conrad VanderWoude

--Webmaster, Zelda Headquarters website

Ice: Sorry Conrad. You see, "I really question posting this", but... everyone was telling me too. At least I didn't post all the hilarious editorials I got, like "Cor-nad: Is he really straight?" or "Ballad of a Faggot" or "ZHQ has something new up it's A*S" or "Look Ma, ZHQ is wearing a Dress!" or "Who's that up in that Tree?" or "The Conrad/Link S*x Scandal" or "How to Eat Without a Fork". I had to have had at least 20 VERY good ones! Hey... maybe if I get enough requests for them....

Necktie: Wow, you're lucky Navie isn't here.... POST THEM ICE! POST THEM ALL!

Allison writes: I read what that Conrad bas*ard thinks about you... how was any of that any of his business? It wasn't his plave to post something like that on a public website, especially a popular one. I know you in person, "Ice", and I have been through many of your difficult times with you. I was at the funeral. I comforted you afterwards. I was there for you. I eagerly and worringly watched for you when you ran away. I rejoiced with you when you finally decided to come home. I even let you "borrow" some money. I know that you only told a few select people about what had happened to you, and somehow, Conrad had gotten a false version of your story half-filled with lies and rumors. When will people understand that almost all of the stories that people heard about "Ice" was made up by fans of his site? Why am I even wasting my time on this? It's none of anyone's business. If Ice wanted to tell you what he's been through (which I know the story, and it's a tragic one, but not something you tell the public), then he would tell you. But he feels that it's none of your business. And he's right.