April 10th, 1999

Jedi521 writes: I am looking at your page and I found that none of the meeting zelda MIDIs are anywhere close to the actual song! And the link to the third one is broken! I fyou could send me the real one if you have it I could give you some Mp3s.

Ice: The "Meeting Zelda" MIDI's were taken from a very early version of the game. Also, I had actually heard a lot of the song wrong, and that's why the old "Meeting Zelda" MIDI's were gravely incorrect and inaccurate. However, most people told me that the song that I had posted up as "Meeting Zelda" was actually a lot better than the actual song. When I redo the Zelda 5 music section, I'll be sure to put the "real" one up, which I actually had sequenced many months ago. As for you giving me some MP3's... well... that's alright.

Crysaler:  I've never listened to Ice's music, but I am getting my speakers fixed today if my dad can help with the sound card. Don't you think that the Meeting Zelda music can get sad when you start thinking about it and the ending sequence?

Goober3000 writes: I found a secret but, I don't know what it leads to so could you please E-mail with what it goes to.If you go to Kakriko villige and you go to the roof where you got the heartpeice from that guy. You will see an opening in the windmill. Use your longshot and go to the opening. If you go up the stairs there is a chicken andanother opening. Evidently you are suppose to go through the hole with thechicken but, I don't know what to do. Please respond.

Ice: We're not exactly sure WHAT the purpose of the chicken is in Adult KakarikoVillage. If anyone was any ideas or such on this matter, feel free to let us know about it.

Crysaler: No one exactly knows the nature of what you're supposed to do with the cucco yet, it's just another loose end. Lots of people I've talked to about it have said that it is in connection with getting higher than the man on that ledge.

SCNWO: The purpose of this is to be able to get higher than the man on the ladder.  He says he really hates when people get higher than him, and if u use the hover boots and the chicken, u can get higher than him.  Unfortunately, he doesn't say anything about it nor do u get anything for doing it unless u use it in conjunction with the rock on the side of the windmill........

Matthew writes: Would you please send me a copy of all your Zelda music (Zipped orun-Zipped it doesn't matter). You can send them to *************** My name is Matthew. Thank you for your time.P.S. The music will be only for my privet use.

Ice: Well, Matthew, if we sent out all of our music, what would be the point of putting them up for people to download?

Crysaler: The cold man's in charge of the music, not me.

SCNWO:  Hahahaha, sorry.  

"Good" writes: Can't get broad with the attitude out of his belly,to go back I run into the water and can't cross with her or I go forward and run into the chamber with the two guy's that throw rocks.Killing them doesn't change anything either.I started years ago with the first Zelda and learned to look at everything but I guess I'm getting older and dumber as time passes by.Appreciate any help you could give me,it would also prevent me from doing a SWAT number on my TV.

Ice: Say WHAT?

Crysaler:  I think he's saying something about beating Jabu-Jabu's Belly, but either he doesn't do a good enough job of describing what the problem is or I'm too dumb to think up of a way to help him. Try moving her upstairs, or onto a switch.

SCNWO: Ooh, an English major.  I don't know EXACTLY where u are at, but either throw her through the whirpool holes and try again, put her on a switch, or kill stuff with the boomerang.

Jeremy Roberts writes: Hi,   Great page and I also see you are a Christian, that is great!  I was wondering how you got the music on your page to work because I have been trying to get mine to work for a long time now.  Like I said before, great page.  Keep it up.

Ice: Thanks for the compliments! To get music on your site playing in the background, just use this tag (for Internet Explorer):

bgsound src="title.mid" loop="1"

Crysaler:  For music with Netscape browsers, try using the embed src="yourmidi.mid" to make your midi pop up. I use the embed tag more often as you can customize it more. But just to make sure, you should include both tags in your webpage to insure complete browser compatibility.

SCNWO: Hey, how long has it been since u got one of these Ice, an actual compliment torwards the site!!  I thought these were extinct!!

Crysaler writes: For Fan Fiction, Find someone with good artistic abilities and a Skilled Musician, and try to incorporate Art and Music into Fan Fiction. Be sure to have the author's permission and acceptance that the music/art fits in with the story and the atmosphere.

Ice: That's a good idea, but I think that it should be up to the author to arrange people to do stuff like that.

Crysaler: This Crysaler guy has ideas... =).  It was just a thought

SCNWO: Always thinking ahead, good job rudy pooh.

SOMEONE writes: The young princess Zelda paced around in her room. Could this really be happening? Ever since her mother told her of her destiny and the struggles her ancestors went though....could the great king of evil, Ganondorf, be attacking? Could he unleash is stronger form, Ganon, and destroy Hyrule? She could always get the most powerful of them all, the Chosen One- no! Her mother warned her, right before dying, never to summon the chosen one. But, there had been something else her mother had said, something she couldn't here...perhaps she could summon the Chosen One? Against her mothers will, she got on her horse and rode towards the Chosen One. *** Link paced around in his room.'stupid dump of a town! maybe if mom and dad hadn't sent me here...I HATE THIS PLACE! That's it.tomorrow i am leaving.Time to head out. ***

SCNWO: So that's what happened eh??????

Ice: We get stuff like this all the time. Sad, really. If it's a fan-fic, it needs to be a BIT longer.

Crysaler: Stop this onslaught of unfinished fan fiction!! Finish it, PLEASE. Well that's it for today folks. The end of IZC's first Letters section in a long time, and the first new Letters to appear on IZC's new look. Please send in more intelligent letters/stuff, we're begging you!!